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“Butch Lesbian” Is A Halloween Costume

With Halloween on the way many bloggers are indulging in some “ironic” cosplay. One such blogger is “Mish Lovin’ Life”, who decided this year to go as a “butch lesbian”.

I think what scares me the most……is just how easy it was for me to convert to a lesbian {or perhaps a little Filipino boy?}.
No really, I’m just a hair slick, tummy stuff, sports bra wearin’ step away.
And boom.
There ya have it.
Meet Mitch, my lesbian alter ego.

She then included a picture of herself in full costume:

The LGBT community is still fighting for marriage equality and anti-bigotry in general. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think they should be turned into costume characters. I’m honestly starting to think Halloween is just an excuse for some people to try really hard to be either offensive or skanky. But maybe I’m being oversensitive?


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Skinny Runner Only Goes “Kenyan” In The Summer

“Skinny Runner”, who ‘chose the name “skinnyrunner“ purely for marketing reasons’, has been playing with all of the beauty swag she’s accumulated lately. She reviewed some eye shadows, some skin care products, some hair stuff. Then she told us she didn’t really like the bronzer she got:

I ended using all of the Supergoop sunscreen (had never even heard of it before), and although I really like the Lorac bronzer, it’s very dark so I can only use it in the summer when I’m going all Kenyan.  I definitely wish it were lighter.

Ok, is “Kenyan” some kind of bronzer shade I don’t know about? I’m not really up on makeup, so maybe this is some word used to describe some new skin “look”. Or does she mean she travels to Kenya each summer? That has to be what it means, because I’m having trouble otherwise understanding why a blonde haired blue eyed white woman would talk about “going all Kenyan”.

That has to be it. Right?


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Project Babies Wants You To Think About The “Big Picture”

Project Babies‘ Kristin, political expert, has made it clear how she decides her position on political issues in the past. Now she’s defending her devotion to Romney in terms we can all understand:

You heard right – social issues are simply not important if people can’t afford valet parking at the mall. When a few of her followers tried to tell her that social issues were just as important as her being able to take vacations in France and buy “Latino-inspired” outfits for her baby to attend festivals, she schooled them but good:

As folks continued trying to explain to her that a “thriving economy” doesn’t really make up for the possible loss of reproductive freedom, marriage equality, and other social issues, she responded with an intelligent and well thought out rebuttal:

Well then. I don’t know about you, but I am making “Kristin For POTUS 2016” buttons as we speak!


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Issa Waters Thinks You All Hate Fat People

In case Issa, thinks everything is anti-fat people,  wasn’t clear in her last rant about things she doesn’t want you to say, she has provided yet another long list of things not to say entitled “21 Things to Stop Saying Unless You Hate Fat People”.

The numbered list includes such forbidden phrases and topics as “anything about dieting, eating less, or exercising more”, saying “a specific size, shape, or weight that’s less okay”, “any statements about “childhood obesity””, and, with a stunning lack of self-awareness, she adds “[g]oing on and on and on about your opinion” to the list of “things that contribute to the very real abuse of and discrimination against fat people”.

Predictably this latest edition of “let’s talk about how everyone hates fat people omg stop talking about how you hate fat people!” attracted comments that she didn’t want to hear. This prompted Issa to add a couple of lovely postscripts to her original post:

Okay, gloves off people. If you read this post and then decide to make a comment explaining how fat is unhealthy, congratu-f******-lations, you hate fat people. What you are doing is ignorant, hateful, and harmful to our lives…We get it. You hate us. This list is for people who DON’T and who want to make changes in themselves….If your comment amounts to more lecturing about health, it’s going straight into the trash.

I don’t understand why someone would post a list that is basically the internet equivalent of a waving a red flag in front of fat haters, and then get pissed off when a bunch of people come in and try to tell them why being fat is wrong. And I really don’t understand why someone would do it repeatedly. Is she expecting a different result?

Issa I’m sorry you’re getting comments that displease you, but face it: you’ve been doing these “FAT IS AWESOMEEEE!” posts for a long, long time. You know what the typical response is going to be every single time you hit ‘publish’. If you can’t just turn on moderation and handle the comments by now without tacking on some aggro bird flipping addendum to your post , then maybe you should just turn off comments altogether.


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Nat The Fat Rat Discussed “Rape Fantasies”, Internet Says “WTF?”

Natalie Holbrook, from that “Nat the Fat Rat” site, went back to Utah for a visit recently. During her recap of the trip, she described a lovely time spent crafting and filming and apparently putting Diet Coke in her pants (hey, I skimmed ok?). Then out of nowhere:

then there was a mid-craft two-hour rio break in the middle with my sister and the hackworth and the ceej in which we discussed, what else? sex and rape fantasies. in utah this is what you talk about.

and then the party!

Needless to say, some people were not really thrilled about this little aside, and began furiously commenting their displeasure. Natalie finally deleted the statement and then removed any reference to it in her comments:

regarding the drama: i have removed the sentence in question, as well as any and all comments referring to it, because i didn’t mean it like that AT ALL. in fact, i’m entirely embarrassed and frustrated by it. i’ve closed the comments, it was getting out of hand.

Stating that “this as a temporary update for those of you who were checking back frequently (i’ll delete it in a few hours)”, she also says that “in the future, if i say something off-color that offends you, please know it was not done on purpose”. So, ya know, stop being…

hurtful to me because you feel you should get to “take me down a notch” or because it makes you feel better about something, i’ll delete your comment and feel sorry for your mother, who obviously never managed to teach you any manners. (it’ll also ruin my day, which i’m sure is what you’re going for.)

Yes Natalie, obviously people only comment in a negative way to ruin your sunshiney day because they have no manners. It has nothing to do with the fact that there are people whose lives may have been touched by rape, who maybe don’t find little behind-the-hand-giggling anecdotes about you and your oh-so-edgy friends endearing or particularly worth mentioning at all, and maybe wanted to share their feelings about your statement. You know, maybe that.

But hey, she’s going to delete it soon so basically it’s like this never happened.



Companies Will Use Pictures Of Your Baby From The Internet

Mandy somebody, posts about her kid at Harper’s Happenings, learned today that an image of the child she has posted public pictures of since birth was being used to sell ironic onesies without her permission:

The 15 people on planet earth who recognize this kid immediately set about sending twitter alerts. The Mandy person tried to goad the Chive into responding by sending out a sarcastic tweet, which is how bloggers handle such things:

Ok, honestly if I were this Mandy chick I’d mostly be angry that my kid was wearing something with that tired old “Keep Calm” meme (can that please die already?) across her belly. Anyway, the company apparently removed the image pretty soon after being informed.

Now what I want to know is, why can’t bloggers ever handle anything with a private, professional email and then drop it in public? Why must there always be public tweets or blog posts to stir up drama? Can bloggers just not deal with any problem unless they get attention for it?


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Jenna Cole Knows What Women Want

Jenna Cole, has a degree, knows all about politics and the economy. More importantly, she knows what women really want out of life: babies!

That’s right folks: Jenna knows that if you want to have kids you cannot have a heavy duty career as well. That’s why there are simply no women with children working in high powered job positions! And while we’re at it, let’s just admit a few other home truths as well:

Thank you, Jenna! Finally someone brave enough to acknowledge the truth: diversity in the workplace is bad for business! I’m so tired of people thinking that trying to have different types of people in the workforce is good for the economy. Everyone knows that the best way to run a company is to hire the same type of person over and over.

Let’s all take a moment to applaud Jenna on her well-informed and thoroughly thought out statements. It’s people like Jenna who will truly move America into the 21st century.