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Mr. Dooce Vagueblogging…Yes, Again

Jon Armstrong, serial vagueblogger, is vagueblogging again.  Shortly after helping his estranged wife reinvent her dying site, Mr. Dooce began posting his latest round of obtuse affirmations that sound like something ripped from an Oprah book club selection. Evidently that hasn’t gotten him enough e-hugs from the crowd of slobbering middle aged women in his comments, because he stepped it up to a full blown post of “huh?”


Slowly, ever slowly, I feel it coming on.

It has been a long time coming. And by long I mean at least a decade, probably more.

Affirmation: I define myself. No one else.

While I have to admit his post is amazing if you picture it being read by William Shatner, I’m confused by his constant “maybe I’m talking about Dooce, maybe I’m talking about Adult Swim, maybe I’m talking about my ska band” posts. And while he claims “I appreciate your desire to want to know more, but I’m not posting here for pageviews. I’m posting because I find a great deal of joy in sharing what I share” I think we can all agree that if that were the case, there wouldn’t be ads and an “order a print of my latest experiment in blur” link underneath every picture.

So are these vagueposts really just a cry for pageviews? Is he rattled after spending time with Dooce doing a redesign that about 50% of the world doesn’t like? Has he finally met someone new? And finally, why can’t bloggers just say what they mean instead of vagueblogging/vaguetweeting?


Lifestyle Blogging WTF

“Fabulously Broke” Thinks Women Can’t Handle “Men’s Work”

Shawanda Greene, of Fabulously Broke in the City, is “okay with offending people if I speak my truth”. Evidently her current truth is that “women shy away from STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math] professions. Additionally, we shun honest, good paying, blue collar” jobs such as “plumbers, carpenters, electricians, fire fighters, construction workers, garbage collectors, and mechanics” because “the conditions in which the aforementioned professionals work are, quite frankly, undesirable”. What are these “undesirable” conditions of “traditional ‘men’s work”?

The work is physically demanding:

Men and women are not equal. It’s impossible for a man to carry and conceive a child. And no one argues otherwise…I’d back down from a bar fight with even the scrawniest guy, because, well, he could probably kick my butt. After all, no one argues that men are stronger and faster than women.


Do you know what my father, a garbageman, smelled like when he walked through the door? You guessed it. Garbage. Personally, I’m not super eager to chip my finger nails, sweat out my hairdo, or catch offensive odors in my hair and pores during a standard day’s work.

…and masculine:

If you work with a bunch of guys, more likely than not, office chitchat will surround topics guys care about.

She wraps up these brilliant observations by stating that “I believe women should expand their options. However, I haven’t totally convinced myself that we’ll be successful in all male dominated professions.”

I’d really like to craft a pithy response to all of these statements but I need to take out my trash, repair my bathroom sink, and write some code, since my vagina has yet to convince me that such tasks are undesirable.


DIY Blogging

“Honey We’re Home” Deleted Your Email

Megan, of “Honey We’re Home”, finds email such a major stressor in her life that she took a brave step this weekend.

On Saturday morning, I had 980 emails in my Honey We’re Home inbox.  Seriously, I really needed to get control of those emails.  They are a combination of all the comments that come via email, reader questions that I need to respond to, advertising inquiries, press releases, and spam/junk that have built up over the last several months.

So, I did something radical.  I deleted. them. all.  In a matter of seconds, my email inbox was empty.  I want to respond directly to all reader emails, but right now, I just can’t do it… I don’t think there were too many reader emails that I hadn’t responded to, but if I didn’t get to yours, I apologize and hope you understand.

So…is this a thing now? Is it now acceptable to tell your readers “hey sorry but I hit delete all and didn’t reply to your emails, sorry, lylas!” and have them still respond with fawning comments about how awesome you are? Personally if I  had taken the time to email a blog I enjoyed and then saw a post informing me that my email was about as important as retail spam, I’d probably be making a WTF? face for an hour.

I mean, I think most of us know that when we email someone we may or may not get a response because people have lives and jobs etc., and sometimes things don’t get read right away. Fine. But announcing that you just deleted their “comments” and “questions” en masse because you are just so stressed out from your inbox doesn’t seem like the sort of thing that should be announced to your readers publicly on your blog.


Internets Lifestyle Blogging WTF

Cary Randolph Recounts The Horror Of Surviving Sandy

Cary Randolph, half a sandwich away from a meal, never misses an opportunity to remind everyone that she’s no longer a wannabe Brooklyn hipster from Missouri – she’s now a top drawer Hamptons going snooty party attending New York City socialite. And like many NYCers, Cary felt the need to share with facebook friends how she survived Superstorm Sandy:

Yes folks, this is how Scary Mandolph eeked out the week of devastation after Sandy. You know, the storm that hit the east coast a couple of weeks ago, killing over a hundred, forcing the evacuation of over half a million, and leaving millions with property damage or homeless. As New York City hospitals lost power and had to move patients to safety, Cary was playing charades and no doubt wondering if her shoes were safe.

Maybe she will do another “what to wear to commemorate a tragedy” post to honor the victims. Or maybe she will just move to the Hamptons and stfu.


Lifestyle Blogging WTF

Tina Reale Is Really Sad About Her Dog You Guys

Tina Reale, of Best Body Fitness, had the worst Tuesday ever. First she went to the store where she “ended up standing in line for TWENTY-TWO minutes”. This made her late to a parent teacher conference, which “in turn made it impossible to make it to the yoga class I planned on visiting and was looking forward to all morning”.

Her no good very bad day continued when her kids didn’t take a nap and pushed all her buttons, so she ate a bowl of ice cream. Then – THEN – she got a migraine right as she had to drive her kid to gymnastics in the rain.

And then:

When I got home from Makenzie’s gymnastics and let our dog, Roxy, in from outside she took off out the garage door. I couldn’t catch her.

I got annoyed to have to go chase after her with 2 kids in the rain. Then I decided Peter was on his way home and Roxy usually runs around the corner to my brother-and-sister-in-law’s place where she plays with their dog. So, I didn’t grab the kids to go after her.

Peter couldn’t find her when he went looking.

An hour later we got a call from a woman who found her on the side of the road.

She had been hit. The insane amounts of guilt immediately enveloped me like a dark cloak. Someone had hit her and left her, but the guilt still fell on my heart.

Turns out the accident had broken my poor Roxy’s back and caused a significant amount of internal damage. We had no choice but to put her down.

Of course after some readers started to judge her decision to say “screw it” to searching for her dog, Tina decided it was time to do some damage control:

I am thankful for those that know I didn’t just shrug my shoulders when Roxy got out and went about my business. That know the true scenario was Roxy was on our closed deck enjoying a mild, mostly sunny afternoon when I took Makenzie to gymnastics. Since it started raining on my way home, the first thing I immediately did when getting in the house with the kids was to go bring Roxy in. I had forgotten to shut the garage door and Braedon was playing down the hall with the screen door out to the garage and it had opened. Roxy got out. I DID CHASE AFTER HER up over the hill of our driveway and partly down our street where I SAW HER turn down to my in-laws’ house. I COULD NOT keep chasing her because I had TWO CHILDREN I could not leave alone. So, I considered the fact that my husband was very close to being home and he said he would go get her. Yes, I stayed home with my two kids while my husband was out searching. It was not a case of “Oh she’s gone. Oh well.” and I’m thankful for those who know that I would never have that kind of heart towards a part of our family.

See? You just don’t know her. You don’t know the whole story. You just read her blog post and made your judgments based on what she herself said. What a bunch of monsters you are to read what she wrote and assume that was what happened.  Thank goodness that’s all cleared up, and I hope you’ve all learned a lesson about drawing conclusions about an event based solely on what a blogger says happened!


Mommy Blogging

Project Babies To “Move On” From Blogging, Internet Says “Amen!”

Following the latest round of “Kristin Gets Her E-Ass Handed To Her”, Project Babies has now declared she will be spending more time with Jesus and, apparently, saving orphans. Announcing “It’s been really fun, you guys. It really has been…But it’s time to move on” Kristin urges everyone to join her in…whatever it is she’ll be doing with her time:

We’ve got to get off our computers and start helping others. HANDS ON. No more anonymous snarky blog comments, no more twitter feuds over politics and religion, no more blacklisting haters or fretting over who-said-what. It’s a waste…I will miss it. I really will. But God has said (shouted), “It’s time.”

Oh honey, when even God starts agreeing with GOMIBLOG maybe it really is time to hang that ish up. Anyway, Kristin is off to be a wife and mother and “tell others about God’s redeeming love”, so maybe the internets can finally get back to the important business of posting cat gifs and discussing Dr. Who. Happy Monday to us all!


Fashion Blogging

J. Crew Forbids Blogger From Taking Dressing Room Pictures

“A JC Shopping Habit”, like many “style” bloggers, regularly goes into her favorite store and does “dressing room reviews”. For those of you who don’t care (most of you) a “dressing room review” is when a blogger goes into the store, tries things on, takes pictures of it in the dressing room, and tells the world what they think of it. They may or may not buy the item, but either way the pictures of them wearing the item go up on their blog.

Well it seems that activity is frowned upon by some stores. “ajc” was recently informed by J. Crew that she is no longer allowed to take pictures of items until she has paid for them:

If you are wondering why I don’t have pictures, it is because the manager in my store asked me not to take them. She said she was asked by corporate J.Crew to tell me. She said clothes are property of J.Crew until I buy them. OK then, it is definitely not like those pictures are flattering.  I am not easily intimidated but I also don;t want to fight with them. So I am sorry if you are disappointed, but no more fitting room pictures. I am disappointed too. Not necessarily because of the pictures but in the way they handled it. It would be more classy to send me email through my blog. Oh well…

With more and more companies trying to work with bloggers by sending them items in exchange for brand pimping it certainly makes sense to me that they would want to prevent randoms from posting pics without any partnership involved. Obviously brands want to get their money’s worth with blogger marketing, and if any old person can post badly staged photos from a dressing room covered in discarded items, it lessens the value of the blogger partnerships that companies actually approve of.

Can companies really tell people they can’t take pictures of themselves for their own use on their own blogs? I can’t figure out from her wording if this blogger was singled out by J. Crew corporate or if this is a new company wide policy applying to all such photos and reviews. But since a lot of style bloggers participate in this type of review, I wonder how many other companies will follow the J. Crew lead and start clamping down on this?