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Twitter Is The New Emergency Broadcast System

Miranda, of Not Super Just Mom, is freaking out, man:

I know when I’m worried a tornado might be on the way, the first thing I do is compose a tweet.


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Mommy Bloggers Outraged At Privacy Violation

Mommy bloggers, first rule is never call them mommy bloggers, were up in twitter arms this week over a PR company peddling their privacy. Bulldog Reporter was apparently selling lists of their unlisted phone numbers and home addresses. Kristen Howerton began the outcry on twitter:

Kristen went on to say “A PR person showed it to me. My unlisted cell phone number AND HOME ADDRESS. Unbelievable.” and other mommy bloggers piled on, tweeting at the company and calling their behavior “hideous”, “disgusting”, and “creepy”.

Bulldog Reporter later informed Kristen that the issue “has been resolved as per my VM. All addresses deleted”, though how that’s a resolution I’ll never understand, since the report has already gone out to many PR reps with the personal info included. I think the more important question is how did they get this information in the first place? Because I have a feeling this might all shake down to the source being some of these blogger conferences where people exchange information left and right.


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Online Fight Escalates Into Legal Battle Between Birth Bloggers

Gina of The Feminist Breeder, has haters and don’t you forget it, is apparently facing a lawsuit from another birth blogger. Dr. Amy at The Skeptical OB has informed the internet that she has filed against Gina for “unlawfully sent false notices (called “takedown notices”) under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) and for tortious interference with my contracts with webhosts”.

The history of their public online battle was summarized by GOMIBLOGer Viola_Aurea:

OK, so Gina wrote this post about how she’s learned soooooooooo much after being a doula at 20 births.

Dr. Amy responded with this post, basically saying, “If you’ve learned this much after 20, what do you think you’d learn after a few thousand?” It really wasn’t terribly mean, by Dr. Amy standards.

Gina then responded with a photo of herself flipping Dr. Amy the bird, and saying, “I don’t want to leave you without something you can take back to your blog and obsess over, so here’s a picture of me.”

Dr. Amy then wrote about it (and included the photo, which is now gone) in this post.

Gina THEN proceeded to scream “Copyright infringement!!!!” and send Dr. Amy a letter demanding money, which she wrote about in this post. (The letter was originally posted but later deleted.)

Dr. Amy’s husband, who is a very big-deal lawyer, wrote back to Gina and told her she didn’t have a case. Gina then repeatedly filed DMCA takedown notices to Dr. Amy’s host (and then her new one, after she switched hosts), which she detailed here. She also started a legal fund so she could go after Amy. It was VERY clearly an attempt to abuse DMCA in order to shut Amy up. Gina was also encouraging other people to fill out forms saying that Amy had “stolen” (aka quoted, with proper citation) their stories.

Then, Dr. Amy countered with this suit

From what I can sort out (so sorry, so not a lawyer), Dr. Amy’s suit appears to primarily seek to stop Gina from continuing to chase her site off the internet. Dr. Amy states:

I have sued only Gina. I have absolutely no desire to sue anyone else who may have submitted a frivolous DMCA complaint or has given Gina authority to file one on her behalf. However, I will avail myself of any remedies the law accords me, should I deem it necessary.

It is highly likely that I will have to move my site to yet another host. As I have said before, The Skeptical OB will be here next week, next month and next year. Nevertheless, having to move hosts again — thanks to Gina’s malicious attacks — is a burden neither I, nor my readers, should have to undergo.

There doesn’t seem to be any response on TFB at this time. It will be interesting to watch this unfold, and to see what implications it could have for a person’s right to comment on publicly available blog content.


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Kelle Hampton’s Bathtub Baby Pic Freaks Out Instagrammers

Kelle Hampton, puts her kids on the internet, recently put her naked kid on the internet. The picture of her toddler eating ice cream in the bathtub was posted by Kelle on her instagram account starting Mommy Wars 5: Stop Feeding The p**os.

When people started suggesting it might not be the best idea to post a full frontal unclothed bath pic of her daughter to her very popular internet picture bank, they were slapped down with the usual responses of “don’t like it, unfollow” and “if you can’t say something nice…”. Others were called sick or filthy minded for asking how Kelle would feel if a p**ophile downloaded the image, while others simply asked about Nella’s right to not have her naked body all over the internet and were told, in a nutshell, that Nella’s body is the property of her mother to with as she sees best and fit.

The debate seems to be raging strong still, and it appears Kelle Hampton doesn’t see anything wrong with what she posted since the image remains online and public. Clearly internet mommies don’t think anything bad can ever happen with their internet pictures and if you say otherwise you’re just sick or jealous. Maybe these women should watch more Law & Order: SVU.



Thinking Housewife Says Birth Control Ruins Men

The Thinking Housewife wants men to stop submitting to the matriarchal dogma that allows women a say about the size of the family – because apparently men who are allowed to put as many babies as possible into the world are more manly:

Men who are fathers of several children, especially those who have been openly living the Church’s teaching against contraception, gain a confidence and ease in their masculinity that does not seem equaled by others. These men seem aware of their power…A man who has not denied his masculine procreative power is a man whose virility is evident to the world.

That’s right, folks – if you take advantage of modern options allowing you to control your reproduction, you are emasculating men!

Men in this day and age are rarely encouraged to procreate freely; they are asked to step up to the plate a couple of times and then are sort of put out to pasture, for lack of a better term. Their role as father is never fully realized…it is always held in check, restrained and controlled and eventually severed, whether surgically or otherwise….have men in turn been weakened – and have they become intimidated by the huge but beautiful responsibility of providing for a family – due to the false sense of control contraception gives, and with it the temptation to avoid heavy family and financial burdens?

Oh the poor men who buy into leftist ideals about only having as many children as you desire or can afford! When will men fight back against the evil belief that controlling reproduction and family size is a decision human beings should have a say in? Men, throw away her birth control and refuse to participate in condoms and vasectomies! Stand up for your right to make your virility “evident to the world”! Otherwise, as “Kevin M.” says, “If this nonsense continues, I wouldn’t be surprised if this country broke out in a civil war, considering the extremeties that the Left embraces”


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Cupcakes And Cashmere Is Keeping Busy

Emily over at Cupcakes and Cashmere somehow found time in her hectic life to post an instructional video…about coffee table styling.

We’ve had our coffee table (first seen here) for a while now, but it wasn’t until recently that I finally got around to styling it. At times I had it completely empty, but when a table’s not comfortable enough to put your feet up [note to self: don’t make that mistake again], at least it should look appealing. It was hard to find a configuration that I felt good about – which books to include and how many, if I should keep remote controls corralled on a cute tray or hidden somewhere else, and how many trinkets would make it too busy?

Full of helpful hints such as put books and flowers on a coffee table and then put other things on the table, this video is a real life changer! Seriously, do people really have such huge amounts of free time that they can waste it overthinking crap like this? I feel like this is the sort of thing that becomes some paramount daily living concern only for women who spend too much time on pinterest. But what do I know, I use my coffee table to rest diet Cokes and remotes.


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Bloggers Continue To Share About Their Vaginas

Jen, blogger lady at “Life With Levi”, follows the lead of That Wife by posting about her attempts to tighten up her feminine facilities. Evidently Jen decided kegal balls would help:

I put them in, and just to see if I could do it, got up and walked around the living room. They didn’t fall out. In fact, I could barely feel them.

I laid on the couch and tried doing some kegel exercises. At first, I could feel a little pressure from them, but then they shifted and I couldn’t feel them anymore. Maybe that’s just how they work? I settled in to watch a little TV.

Worried they might fall out when she went to use the restroom, Jen first elected to urinate all over her hand in order to catch them if they popped out. When they didn’t appear Jen started to worry:

Urinating apparently does not relax any of the muscles in my vagina enough to give back the stupid balls. Now I was getting mad, so I decided to go on a search and rescue mission. And totally freaked. Because I couldn’t feel them anywhere in there. Shit. I lost my marbles.

After hours of “jumping up and down to dislodge them” and “lots of awkward bendy positions later” the kegal balls emerged and a delightful tale about her vagina that will in no way mortify her children in the future made its way onto the internet.