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Jennifer Perillo Buys A Country Home

Jennifer Perillo, of “hot widow” boots fame, has purchased a new home in upstate New York.

I bought a house. Upstate. In the country.

There are crazier things this city-slicker, born and bred Brooklyn gal could’ve done, but right now I’m drawing a blank. Towards the end of last year I started giving thought to buying a place I could plant some roots with the girls. Not necessarily a full-time, big-time move, but more a place we could recharge our batteries on a regular basis.

Perillo says that since 2011 she has not had “a place where I could always find my center”, and then goes on to inform us that she had to leave notes for the painters warning them about the flea infestation in her new upstate house.  Meanwhile, she has been busy shopping for housewarming gifts to herself.


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Middle Class White SAHM Wants To Know Where HER Rights Went

BreAnne, team Edward, wants to explain to us why “America is not an equal opportunity country”:

Today, there isn’t anything a black person can’t do, if they so choose, that they may not have had the option of back then. Vote? Yup! Attend the school of their choice? Yup! Go to college? Yup! Get a job? Yup! This is all awesome!

Now, here’s my problem. The new rights provided did not cease when things were equal. They have shifted over the other way.

Now before you just assume you know where a white 26 year old stay home mom of three living in Texas will head with this, let’s keep an open mind:

Black Americans have significantly MORE rights and have shifted the roles of racism. Segregation still exists, but on THEIR terms…Segregation still exists, but in a way that black Americans have deemed acceptable because they have redeemed the exclusivity factor…racism is against white people is just as hateful and in your face now, as it was the other way in the 1950s and 60s.

Nope, went just the direction you assumed. Pulling out the tried and true reverse racism arguments about how white people can’t use the n word, white people can’t apply for certain scholarships, why can’t a white woman be Miss Black USA. She then goes into the Zimmerman trial in a long and incoherent ‘white people deserve justice too’ ramble that I can’t be farted to copypasta until I have some coffee.

She then regales us with her views on gay rights. She is totally open and omg let’s all be equal except you’re going to hell you sinners but hey whatever, that’s fine, we have to accept it since people just keep letting their kids be gay now that we took Christianity out of everything. But no no that’s fine! Really! Not a bigot! As long as they don’t get all uppity like the blacks did she’s totally cool with the gays!

Personally, I think everyone’s bedroom habits should be kept out of politics and kept in the bedroom. We all have our sins and will all be judged for them equally when we meet St. Peter at the pearly gates of Heaven. But lets not let this equality struggle fall into the same excess of rights that I was previously talking about. Gay and lesbian rights should not ever over rule the rights of straight couples.

Maybe I’m Americaning wrong, but I wasn’t aware that civil rights were a zero sum game where in order for some other people to have some rights, I have to lose some rights. Maybe I need to take a civics class or something.

Anyway, I do love to see the Template For Perfect American Values types try and play both sides; talking about how you believe in equal rights and are totally cool with various genders, sexual orientations, races, comes off a bit flat if you then go on to talk about how they are too privileged and we should “Stop letting the few whiners get away with destroying everyone’s rights.” Just save yourself a lot of typing and post that you’re sick of all the non-white non-straight non-Christian people being allowed to breathe your air so you can get back to discussing important things, like the next “Twilight” book.

Update: She has moved her post.


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BlogHer 2013 Proves To Be A Sensible Business Related Expense

As lady bloggers prepare to flood the internet with conference wrap up posts let’s quickly recap some of the funtastic and totally worthwhile things you get to experience at mommyblogging cons.

The much publicized and much discussed “lactation lounge” was apparently called “horrible and creepy.” Most women decided to just breastfeed wherever they were instead.

The swag, duh! The awesome freebies included packs of gum, over the counter drugsTrojan lube samples, and assortments of lotion and sports drinks. There were also practical items like stuffed egg toys. It seems some bloggers got a head start at unloading some of that swag while still at the conference.

The sponsors! Coca-Cola was there, promoting health and wellness. CLR was there cleaning jewelry. Sargento cheese was there doing a giveaway of a lululemon gift card. There were vacuums and hair growth pills and power tools and chocolates.

The amazing sessions! “Build Community, Return Visits, & Monetization Through Comments” which was put on by Disqus – the comment system that doesn’t load for me on half the blogs that use it. “Mobile Photo Editing with Jon Armstrong” because obviously there needs to be more filter abuse on instagram. A session on how to leverage Pinterest included totally new information that could not be googled or figured out with common sense. The panels had great advice such as always end your post with a question and “trust your voice“. We were also informed that “everyone needs a gay“.

I don’t know about you but all of this sounds like something well worth the cost of attendance. Now it’s time to sit back and wait for those “I made so many new connections” posts/tweets.


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AB Chao: “I Am Real Gay”

Over a month after speculation began on GOMIBLOG, AB Chao has confirmed that “Vince Chao and I are no longer a married couple”. She then announces what GOMIBLOGers have long suspected:

Y’all, I am real gay. For ladies.

I know. I KNOW. It was a surprise to me, too. In fact, it was a surprise to just about everyone. I’ve spent the past year-ish coming out: first to Vince and Madeleine, then to my closest friends, then to my family, then to my not-as-close friends, then to pretty much everyone else.

She adds that for those following her social media accounts, the “subtext is fairly obvious to anyone who’s been paying attention”.

I am gay. It took me a long time to be able to say those words without shame, or embarrassment, or feeling like a fraud… I am also thankful to be a part of a growing chorus of people who are stepping up, and out, to tell our stories. It makes me proud to be a member of this community.

AB ends by stating she would “like to respect my family’s privacy, so I won’t be answering specific questions about their lives — those are their stories to tell.”


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Passionfruit Starts Charging, Bloggers Freak Out

Passionfruit, that service that seemed to be mostly known for its blog button swapping service, decided to start charging $9 a month to use their blog ad selling platform. This caused the used-to-free-everything bloggers of the world to commence freaking out, while Passionfruit owner Jason flip flopped between saying he would be sorry to lose users and basically telling complainers to suck it up because Passionfruit is the most awesome and cheapest ad selling platform around.

Tweets such as “Soo @passionfruitads is no longer free? Not cool, dude. I’ll be looking for a new service” and “sorry to hear about your new pricing… too rich for my little blog’s blood! Thanks for caring about the little guy!” from tiny hobby bloggers contrasted with In Defense Of Passionfruit blog posts from bigger bloggers, some announcing that they don’t care because they will no longer be offering free swap ads anyway:

I will no longer be offering swap ads. I have found that these haven’t benefitted me much, or at all really. Most of the blogs that want to swap have around 100 followers. If I have 800 followers, it just isn’t a fair trade. You’d be getting more from me by purchasing an ad spot anyways.

It will be interesting to see if people actually migrate. The majority don’t seem to gaf that he’s charging, probably because Jason The Flirtbot CEO has spent the last year texting winkies at the iphone of every giggling blogger who mentions his service. And a lot of people are not happy when you start charging for something that’s been free, no matter what “servers are expensive” sob story you give them.

Honestly this whole kerfluffle will probably wind up being just like all the I’M LEAVING FACEBOOK floods every time they change something – a lot of pissing and moaning and dramatic flouncing, and in three months they’re back because that’s where everyone else is.


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Mandy Ferrugia Is An Indie Artist Type Except When She Uses Other People’s Art To Make Her Art

Miss Indie, so twee you don’t even know, recently opened up her blog design store.

I’ve been designing for my own blog and shop since 2009, and hope that I can help you create a look for your brand that you love!

For sale were logos and various other graphics, “made by” Mandy, that she apparently intended to customize upon purchase. For example, this logo “designed” by Mandy was offered for $25.00:

Because evidently in the world of logo design these days taking clip art from Etsy and writing on it equals “design” work. That’s not the only example either – Mandy seemingly bought out half the clip art available on that Etsy shop, and put it up in her shop for sale as part of “her” logo and banner design work. When called out on the fact that she was passively allowing people to believe that the illustration work was hers, Mandy denied any wrongdoing:

The overall logo design is mine because I’m the one who put all of the pieces together to make it into a logo. That is what I state in my shop, that the logos/banners/etc are designed by me. I never said anything about the artwork being mine because it isn’t and I wouldn’t try to pass off someone else’s work as my own. Sorry, but I don’t work that way (as I’ve stated before SEVERAL times). When purchasing the clipart, the seller never asked for or required credit, or of course I would’ve given it.

This isn’t Mandy’s first foray into shadiness. She recently had to remove several items identified as rip offs from her “indie” shop. Saying she had no idea they were stolen artwork she announced her intention to send an email to her supplier in China “to urge them to not only stop wholesaling the brooches with stolen artwork, but to stop stealing other artists designs all-together”.


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Jennifer Thinks Your Partner’s Affair Is Probably Your Fault

Jennifer Carsen, some writer over at Parent Society, has written a super helpful post explaining why infidelity happens. To sum it up, your partner cheats because of you.

Evidently letting yourself go, not putting out enough, and directing your attention “to your children, or your job, or maybe even caring for an ailing parent” instead of your significant other will push them straight into the genitals of someone who puts down the fork and pulls their drawers to the side more frequently.

Whether these points have any basis in truth or not is beside the point to me. This article, which seems to be directed at women, smacks of the kind of mansplaining crap men say in order to absolve themselves of blame for porking someone else. Do we really need to legitimize the “it’s never my fault” movement with crap like this?

And by the way, saying there’s “no excuse for cheating” doesn’t mean squat when you then go on to excuse it with a list of 7 reasons why it’s the fault of the betrayed party.