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Love Maegan Doesn’t Craft For You

Love, Feathers

Maegan, of the feather crafting blog Love Maegan, loves to complain about how mistreated she is by readers. Well now it seems someone didn’t like her latest foray into DIY fashion, and Maegan felt the need to not only delete the comment, but to take to her blog and whine defensively about it:

…the other day after posting my recent DIY Feather Mohawk on my Instgram feed, I received a comment explaining that what I was doing wasn’t relative to her and her friends and that’s why she thought other bloggers were beating me at blogging. Beating me at blogging?

Maegan claims she “wasn’t upset by her comment” even though she evidently “spent a few good days thinking about it on and off as if I was trying to get to the bottom of it somehow”. She then rambled on longer than a fight scene from “Face/Off” about how she crafts to express her amazing unique trendsetting self – and if readers don’t get it because they don’t understand OMGFASHUN, too bad:

I think by relative, she meant relatable, unless she’s just unaware of what’s happening in fashion right now, and that’s okay too, but is that my fault?

Seriously. She’s been at this for like 5 years. A single comment about how a feather head fountain isn’t someone’s cup of tea should not require a 2000 word post on how I CRAFT FOR ME. It seems like at least every other month this woman has some post whining about some perceived slight. Maybe that’s why she’s not winning at blogging, not her weird filler DIYs people can’t “relate” to.


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BlissDom Conference Is BlissDone

The six year old blogger conference known as BlissDom is peacing out of the annual slumber party business in order to “focus on new endeavors”:

What a wonderful ride it’s been for all of us! Way back in 2008 when we started BlissDom, we had no idea how thriving and successful it would become…It has been truly an amazing journey and we want you to know just how grateful we are that you are part of the BlissDom family. So because you’re family and all, we wanted to share the news that we will no longer be doing the BlissDom conference.

The organizers tell folks not to think of it as an end, but “as editing and making room for more wonderful things to come” and include some cringey video picture montage tribute thing set to a sad song. Meanwhile you can practically hear the soft strains of Green Day playing in the background as the 50 people who care about this are hugging and posting ‘remember whens’ over on facebook like it’s the goodbye session on the lawn after graduation.

So there goes that – one less ‘event’ for bloggers to ‘speak’ at and pad their ‘resume’ with. Now, who wants to do the over/under on how long BlogHer has left?


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Internet Begins Trying To Identify The Begging Bloggers

A question published in Carolyn Hax’s column has the blog world snickering behind their hands while they try to guess the identity of the blogger couple mentioned by relatives seeking advice. It seems the letter writer’s brother and sister-in-law are running “a well-known blog” in a niche field, and:

Often, they will make comments about how our jobs are “not enhancing our soul” or “fail to contribute to our local economy with originality.” We more or less brushed this off until they sent a family-wide e-mail asking for a loan due to recent financial issues.

They go on to explain that the couple seem to always find ways to not pay for things when in a group by “getting a ride with other people, cajoling my in-laws to pick up a dinner tab, asking us to share a hotel room, etc.” In other words, your non-creative life is lame but we’re happy to let it to pay our bills.

Many people have emailed me theories about this letter; some saying it has to be fake, and many with their own idea of who the bloggers could be. So let’s kill a Saturday and discuss your theories right here instead of in my inbox.


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Bloggers Will Now Sell You Their Instagram Pics

Have you ever wanted your favorite blogger’s Instagram photos blown up and printed on things like an iphone case or a framed print, so that you may enjoy pics of their dog or over filtered trees whenever you like? Bloggers such as Love Maegan and Jon Armstrong are now graciously offering you that opportunity! Even Dooce’s Noselord is getting in on the “20% of the sale” action.

Evidently with sponsored tweets becoming less and less popular (and with more and more Instagram filters becoming available) folks are looking into yet another way to profit off the fact that they use social media. Congrats, internets! You can now I can have the sadcoffee wall gallery you’ve yearned for.

Seriously though, this is going to be great. I can’t wait to see what photos bloggers try to pass off as ‘art’ worthy of being blown up on an $80 canvas.



Daycare Workers Fired After Instagramming About Kids In Their Care

Jena Ferrel, a daycare worker at A Heavenly Haven Learning Center 2 in Newport News, VA, has been outed as the employee posting pictures of the children in her care to Instagram – along with captions that were not considered amusing by parents.

Melissa Jordan, mother of the child in the left hand image above, told WAVY-TV:

I don’t know who these children are. I don’t know their parents. I don’t know how to get in touch with them. They have to know kids are on the internet being exploited. I don’t know how else to tell them.

A Heavenly Haven’s manager was also leaving comments on the posted images. The manager and Ferrel were both fired for violating company policy which forbids personal cameras in the classrooms.


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Hugo Schwyzer Will Ghostwrite Your Article About Hugo Schwyzer

It seems Hugo Schwyzer, too many problems to list, isn’t content to use only internet flounces and repeated twitter meltdowns to manufacture dialogue about himself. Lesley Kinzel has now claimed that Schwyzer is trying to tell people what to write about him as he attempts to craft his new persona:

Hugo Schwyzer has emailed me directly to offer suggestions for how I should write about what a monster he is…I personally believe that Schwyzer is now trying to construct a new redemption narrative that he can rebuild some semblance of a career on, I am extremely resistant to do what he has literally asked me to do and play along by writing up a piece about how terrible he is and how he totally “fooled” me, thereby keeping him at the center of the conversation and sustaining his media frenzy.

And so the list of Schwyzer’s manipulations continues to grow. Seriously is there any shady thing this guy WON’T do?


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“Peas And Thank You” Closes Down Her Blog

Sarah Matheny, food blogger at Peas and Thank You, has announced that she too is done:

We’re starting a new chapter in our life which, as you may have guessed, includes more children, but also more immediately, includes additional responsibilities in educating and discipling our girls.  It’s time for letting go of some things in order to prepare for what’s ahead.

On her facebook page she says “we are adopting! A little girl, under 3 from China” and that she hopes “to find a (free) way to maintain the site” so she can leave the recipes available online.