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@RookieMoms Has Halloween Ideas For Your “Dark Skinned Baby”

Rookie Moms, yet another bunch of moms telling other moms how to mom which is totally ok if you run a mom website, apparently wanted to share some totally awesome costume ideas:

Oh. Ok then.

Saying they “wanted to include diversity in baby photos featured”, they then tried to explain their amazing, original, never done before and totally worth the PR injury costume ideas:


While twitterites continued to ask them WTF? the Rookie Moms took ‘getting the point’ by the hand, walked it up a mountain, and abandoned it somewhere past the tree line. Tweeting that the costume post would be up soon and they “didn’t mean to rile up so many folks!” they also begged twitter to “Please help me understand. In 140 characters of course” what all the outrage was about. After all, she has  “plenty of photos of my own bald babies.”

Alrighty then. If a couple of privileged white mommy bloggers putting out a call for bald dark skinned babies to use as props for their bowling ball costume can’t understand why they pissed a bunch of people off today – despite hundreds of reply tweets explaining it to them – then I’m not sure folks should continue bothering to try. They’ve put out the requisite ‘gee sorry’ tweet and the whole crapfest will likely be under rug swept by the La Mommy Nostra blogworld by this time Tuesday.


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Sunshine Mary Will Explain Why Shame And Shunning Are Good Things

Sunshine Mary, God’s stenographer, has taken time out of her busy schedule of victim blaming and feminism hating to inform us that shunning and stigma are valid ways to change “deviants” (such as single moms and homosexuals) into people worthy of human society.

You see, apparently some crazy people think that shaming and shunning aren’t really a solution for societal improvement. Some wackos even think help should simply be provided, free of judgment, to people in need! Well Mary is here to correct those beliefs:

We must shun the s**t, but we must also tell her if she stops sleeping around and doesn’t have any more out-of-wedlock children, we will help her with her financial burdens.  Notice the order of events here: change first, help second.

Mary thinks the current system of giving without stone throwing is wrong, saying “if you are a baby mama, you can come to church and be glorified and extolled, receive financial assistance and other kinds of help, yet continue on in your s**tty ways” and explaining that it “does not work to provide the benefit before the behavior change”.

Basically your skanky self won’t see a dime until you staple those knees shut, get a job, and show proper head hanging eye contact avoiding shame before your pure and righteous betters. Hooray for humanity! What wonderful progress we’re making.


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Kelli Stapleton Would Appreciate Your Support

Kelli Stapleton, formerly of The Status Woe, continues to sit in jail without bond after attempting to kill herself and her daughter. Now her friends and family have started a fund to hopefully buy her freedom:

Our friend Kelli is a daughter, sister, cousin, mom, college graduate, scientist, author, famous blogger, snarky activist and devoted friend to many. She is loved and supported in the autism community…

The fundraiser goal is currently $50,000, though apparently you can pray or send letters of support in lieu of money.


Fashion Blogging

Queen Of The Modesty Fashion Bloggers Peaces Out

Closed Much

Elaine, longtime ruler of the fashion blogging niche dedicated to modesty, is renouncing her throne.

I don’t know how to do this. I’ve been fashion blogging for 4 1/2 years. How do you end it? Do you peel the band-aid off slowly or do you rip it off? I feel like I’ve been pulling it off slowly for the past year or so.. And it’s time to rip it off. And it hurts. I’m sad that this journey has to end, but I think we all know it’s time.

Apparently the main reason for the shutdown is that her life just isn’t in the same place that inspired her to start the blog.

I started this blog in 2009 when Chase and I have only been married for a year. We were both going to school. We both had part-time minimum-wage jobs and student loans to boot. I was sick and tired of wearing the same old things every day and I created this blog to help me be more creative with what I already had.

She explained that between an increasingly mobile baby and impending full time employment she simply won’t have the time to continue her outfit posts. She won’t be gone from the internet completely; it appears she will evidently be a personal/mommy blogger instead, thus moving from top of her niche to just another in an already overcrowded genre.

But let’s give credit where it’s due – if she hasn’t been feeling it the past year then it’s good she can at least admit it and kill her blog in a merciful manner rather than dragging it out for years (cough, What I Wore, cough).


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Serge Is Not Scared Of His Baby Dying

Serge Bielanko, father of two with The Girl Who‘s Monica, is tired of the home birth scare army. After all, they are not at all worried about the entrance of their third child into the world:

The fact is, we aren’t really scared of anything.

Why not? She could die. Everyone could die. I could die. I’m not sure how, to be honest, but there’s got to be a way that I could perish during our home birth, right?

Oh well.

Serge then kicks off his reasons for the decision to do a home birth by stating:

…we have been through the hospital thing twice and although it was fine and dandy, we have never been the kind of people who want to do every single thing in our lives according to what everyone else up and down the road are doing.

He later goes on to explain that this is how women have had babies since mankind stumbled out of caves and started filling their mound houses with Ikea, thus attempting to justify his flippant lack of fear of what might happen with this birth.


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Gala Darling Will Help You Fix Yourself

Gala Darling, of the self love letter Darlings, is clipping right along with her Radical Self Love Letters project. You remember that scheme – send Gala $20 and she will send you a super helpful email every single day for 30 days full of advice on how to be more like Gala.

Well her latest letter is out and apparently Gala is claiming to be some go-to girl for the downtrodden young women of the internets:

…I get a lot of emails from women who are upset, sad, depressed, desperate and unsure what to do about it.  Typically these emails contain very long paragraphs, finished off with something like, “I don’t know what to do.  Gala, how can I fix myself?”

Gala’s advice? Try “stretching, deep breathing, gratitude”, reflexology, EFT, and…vision boards.

Some detractors are saying this latest email is not just a harmless envelope full of glitter – it’s downright irresponsible to say “going for a run” will “make you feel better” to people who may be in deeper waters than can be diagnosed via email by a woman in a pink tutu. For people who may admire Gala and the lifestyle she portrays online, being told all they need to do is adjust their mood with some gratitude and a jog could lead to some very bad outcomes if it doesn’t work.

Gala is well known for pushing the idea that your mood is your own fault; but at what point do harmless “turn that frown upside down” platitudes become borderline dangerous?


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“Flora and Fauna” Will Now Revert Back To Her Old Self

Oh well.

Tatiana, the blogger known as Love, Life, Lace who flounced off the internet only to return once she got pregnant, has been applauded by many GOMIBLOGers for seemingly ending her try-hard twee domestic posing and just being a normal young mom.

Well you can put away your clapping hands. Tatiana announced that she would be going back to that previous persona:

I’m going back. Back to me, back to what feels comfortable, back to what feels right…I apologized to all my pretty dresses and blouses and before I knew it I was making an appointment with my hairstylist to get bangs again (it’s really happening and I’m really scared!!). The truth is I learned I’m just not lanky or edgy or “modely” enough for the trendy hipster look…

Tatiana then goes on to explain that she loves Anne Shirley and Pride & Prejudice which means she’s just way too nerdy to be a hipster:

It’s time I admit that I’ve always been a nerd, I am a nerd and I’ll probably always be a nerd. I will always swoon over a peter pan collar, twirly dress and bright lipstick.

It took about 5 seconds for her to get back to bangs, milkmaid braids, and posting twee pastries. So I guess now she’s back to being a carbon copy of all the other pretty pretty things blogs. It makes me want to pull a Tyra; we were all rooting for you, Tatty!