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“The Fitnessista” Producing The Latest Blogger Book

The Fitnessista, expert mother, finally got a book deal after 5 years of trying:

In the entire proposal process,I’d lost quite a bit of my voice by trying to formalize my writing style; in the past I’d been told that I “use to much slang” and need to “tighten things up.” This time, I finally felt like there was freedom to write whatever and however I wanted, so I rewrote the entire proposal…She wrote back and said she loved it (!), presented it to her publishing house, the concept passed, and she sent the contract over a month later.

The book will apparently be released January 2015 and will be about…working out and dieting. Because there is just a serious dearth of diet and exercise books, people. Anyway, she joins Natalie Jean, Jordan Reid, and soon, if the anonymous tipsters are right, Love Taza in the Bloggers Currently Writing Books No One Will Remember In Five Years Club.


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Babble Bloggers Still Waiting To Get Paid

GOMIBLOG has now heard from several sources that Babble, the bloglomerate where so many bloggers make their real money, is now weeks late in sending out payments to their writers.

According to one source “many are now not able to celebrate [C]hristmas”, and goes on to state:

Babble promises daily it will be fixed and no one has seen a check and or a post to their accounts. It is disgusting the way they are leaving their bloggers who work hard for them to bring in their milions of traffic daily! Even so Babble was extremly [sic] picky this month not paying people their full amount saying they did not promote enough and did not get enough traffic.

A source alleges Babble is blaming “a new hire for the problem”. GOMIBLOG has attempted to contact the Babble founders listed in their “About Us” section, and is currently waiting to hear back. We will update if a statement is available.


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Cecily Doesn’t Have To Disclose Sponsorships

uh...isn't that a sponsor link?

Cecily Kellogg, ethical, announced a few days ago that she had a sponsored post scheduled. A few days later, a post showed up pimping out some kind of insurance, full of sponsored links. There’s just one problem – there’s no disclosure in sight.

Yes, yes it is.

It’s been two days and Cecily has yet to address the fact that she put up a sponsored post without any disclosure whatsoever. I understand everybody’s gotta make a buck these days, but there are rules about this that leave no doubt about how sponsored posts are to be handled. I don’t understand why bloggers keep flouting the rules on this.


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J’s Everyday Fashion Will Explain Age Ranges

J’s Everyday Fashion, totally not a style blogger, has long been notorious for her inability to behave like a normal person in comment sections. Well she’s back at it this weekend, getting into a foot stomping huff over people telling her the cooter flashers she posted on her blog might be a bit “too young” for her.

When J stated that the age appropriateness is irrelevant because she is not “30+”, readers decided to remind J of a little fact: her age. Telling J “I just found a post from July 2011 in which you turned 28, therefore you are 30 now, so you ARE 30+!” simply initiated a bunch of “I am not 30+” equivocating, as J tried to convince everyone that you aren’t really really in the 30+ age range until you’re actually in you’re mid-thirties.

She attempted to push this definition for several comments. Finally realizing her stupid attempt to fudge the meaning of an age range was falling flat, she reverted to the classic blogger discussion coup de grace – pouting off the playground.

I am coming to the realization that I absolutely should never stand up for myself in the comment section, or what I’m saying will be taken as defensive, or like I’m upset (which 99% of the time, I’m not). It makes me sad because I really want to set a good example and I would want anyone to stand up for themselves in the same way.

Yes, poor J can’t say anything without you people getting up in her grill like a bunch of “rude” judgey meanies. I honestly don’t understand why she escalated this to fever pitch when she could have just kept her butthurt to herself, but whatever. I’ve given up on J ever acting like an adult, no matter what age she is.


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“What I Wore” Gets A Real Job

Jessica Quirk, one of the first “style bloggers” to claim “full time blogger” status has evidently accepted that posting outfit pictures to your tumblr isn’t really a “job”. According to the Indiana University website, Messica has joined their faculty under the Apparel Merchandising department.


Messi has yet to announce what she’ll be doing, but if it’s a teaching position I will never stop feeling embarrassed for IU.

I wonder what happened to the days of insane ad prices, NYFW, sponsorships from Coach and Kate Spade, renting “studio space”, and proudly bragging about doing WIW as her “full time job“? Oh how the middling have fallen.


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Michelle Joni Continues Her Quest For Attention


Michelle Joni, white girls are totally allowed to wear afro wigs, evidently didn’t get enough internet fame from being a white girl wearing afro wigs. Now she is going to get famous as a singer instead.


I continue to be astounded by the lengths people will go to in order to be internet famous. How many stunts is this woman going to pull in pursuit of the almighty viral?


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Hey Natalie Mean Still Opening Her Mouth

After some drama including an apparent breakup and later re-engagement, Hey Natalie Jean’s little sister is finally walking down the aisle. Natalie has expressed some barely concealed hostility towards her sister’s man in the past. Regardless, she and her Motherboy are obviously attending the wedding and she’s obviously going to be instagramming away the boredom of not being the center of attention.

Eyerollingly the family drama has already publicly reared itself in Natalie’s first image – Motherboy on a pile of luggage. When one of her fangirls mentioned that Natalie was on her way to a wedding, sweet kind perpetual foot snacker Nat responded with a snarky reference to the couple’s recent troubles, saying “I’ll believe it when I see it”.

Evidently Bratalie’s future brother-in-law has had just about enough and in true Lovin Family fashion brought that ish onto the internet:


Oh to be a caffeine free beverage on that reception table. Keep it classy, Nat & Co.!