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Mommy Blogging

Laci Will Instagram Her Son Getting His Drank On

Laci Urcioli, self-anointed mother of the year, apparently spent her Saturday night instagramming her young son enjoying a glass of wine.


Afterwards, she posted a video of him apparently slurring and glassy eyed while a delighted follower lol’d about her son being “wasted”.


Internets WTF

Author Allegedly Catfishing Book Bloggers Into Reviewing Her Book


Jon at Bookish Antics has posted a bizarre tale of catfishing in the book blogger world. He says a “woman ‘named’ Corinne Rosanna Catlin has been contacting bloggers such as myself and masquerading as a publicity assistant” at Penguin Books. He claims she is sending out purchased Advance Reader Copies to send out along with her own book in an effort to trick bloggers into reviewing her work.

I got mail from Corinne in a box with a Penguin Random House label and a letter that was supposedly from Penguin Young Readers. I received one of the ARCs I requested, a random adult book from a Penguin imprint and a strange looking indie title. The YA book from my list had a “Thrift Books” sticker on it and I’m confident that Corinne bought the ARC I wanted online. This was all a ploy to make bloggers read her novel, Spectaccolo by Christine Catlin, which she claims that Penguin is now publishing in paperback.

The author, Christine Catlin, is being accused of astroturfing Goodreads with fake reviews about her book as well. Jon says he has “received emails from an official PenguinRandomHouse address from a Corinne despite confirmations from a source that she doesn’t work there” and says “Penguin Random House is now getting involved in this and their Legal department will be handling this”.


Lifestyle Blogging

Essena O’Neill Will Work In A Bar Now

Essena O’Neill, the teenager who made a big deal about getting off social media, has taken to emailing her ‘fans’ to keep them updated. In her latest email update she repeats the story of her amazing fame and beauty, in case you forgot she was famous and beautiful.

I grew up being a teen idle…I became signed with one of Australia’s biggest modelling agencies in a matter of weeks…meeting with lots of different agencies and having proposals for major modelling and YouTube deals…I told my family, ‘I can’t do this. I don’t want to model. I don’t want to even be on social media, it’s just not for me anymore.’…Of course they thought I was going crazy. Why give up a preposed [sic] $50,000 Youtube deal? Five or six shoots already waiting for me in Sydney?

And on and on…and on and on. She blathers on about how her “truth” captions made her even more famous, in case you forgot she was famous. So famous. She was “idolised”, a word she uses repeatedly.

The point of her neverending ramble seems to be her announcement that she is “getting a job at a local bar and pursuing writing full time.” She has now shut down Let’s Be Game Changers, even though she claims “this site had 5 million unique visitors”; the site now simply says she is “currently writing first book” which is apparently going to be about how to get social media famous. She is also claiming she wants to write sci-fi novels, which has “been my dream since I was 12”.

She evidently gave all the donation money to cyberbullying charities, and closes by telling everyone “please if I could say one last thing don’t idolise me”.


Internets Mommy Blogging WTF

Mommy Wants Vodka Went Into A Coma

Aunt Becky, can break her femur just by standing up, has evidently spent “nearly the past month in the hospital”.


Um, ok, sure. Her life is turning into a really bad story arc on Grey’s Anatomy or something. Are her fangirls still buying this crap?