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Freckled Fox Gets Replacement Dog

Emily Meyers, middle name unknown, has proven she can quickly replace husbands. Apparently dogs aren’t so easily replaceable – it took five whole months.

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Lani Diane Rich Reveals “Harrowing” Story Of The Last Weeks Of Her Marriage

Lani, podcaster and award winning author who you may remember from Dusted and Storywonk, has revealed some trigger-warning-required allegations against her ex-husband Alistair Alastair.

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Mommy Blogging

Love Taza Can Gestate Another 5 Years Worth Of Content

Naomi Davis, pregnant with twins, has finally found time to move the furniture and pose with two pink balloons. Yes, to the surprise of nobody, she is having two girls. Ka-ching!

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Fashion Blogging

Gal Meets Glam Announces Clothing Line

Julia Engel, likes blush pink, has finally announced her own attempt at the now-cliche fashion blogger clothing line.

The website is already up at and there’s an instagram account that promises “a modern line of dresses that pushes past trendy to celebrate classic sophistication”.

We’re redefining the way women wear dresses, one style at a time.

Pastel and floral print fit and flare cut dresses are going to “redefine” an entire category of clothing! Step aside, Diane von Furstenberg, here comes GMG Collection.


Internets WTF

Dooce Can Go To New Orleans For New Year’s Weekend

Heather Armstrong, divorced, apparently scrapped her plans to head to Iceland for the NYE weekend in order to spend the holiday in NOLA. And in what is surely just a big old coincidence she seems to be at the same places, at the same time, as ole AB Chao’s ex-husband.

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Something Navy Will Share Her Struggle To Get Pregnant

Arielle Charnas, the Melania Trump of blogging, is pregnant with her second child. Her road to a baby was a long, 8 week journey.

I decided in April that I wanted to have a baby and I made it my mission. I got pregnant in June…

She has now bravely shared her struggle to conceive.

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Food Blogging

Gluten-Free Girl Can Get Another Book Deal

Shauna Ahern, author, has felt the “primal tug” of book publishing again. She just sold a book of essays to be published by Sasquatch Books.

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