Hi. I’m Alice. Welcome to GOMIBLOG.

GOMIBLOG was born as Get Off My Internets way back before the first iPhone. It was just a sad little place on wordpress.com and I never really made any effort with it until I moved to Brooklyn and was suddenly surrounded by New York blogger snots who talked nonstop about blogging and being bloggers and how they wrote a blog or wrote for other blogs. After a while I thought, ‘well if those morons can do that crap as a real thing, why not me?’

Somehow through my mediocre and sporadic efforts at ‘working on GOMI’ that hubris of 8 years ago became Gomi Media LLC and now I’m super fat and pale because I work from home and never leave my couch or see sunlight. Or other people. Or soap. But once you pay 50 bucks for an llc you at least get to call yourself a variety of hashtags such as #girlboss and #founder and #blessed and #ceo which makes you seem important on the interwebs, so that’s pretty cool.

So welcome to GOMIBLOG, the site that has apparently only turned into anything because I wanted to prove something to New York City and also because I have the total lack of any personal or social life such a commitment requires. I hope you enjoy your stay.