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Alina Gonzalez Is Still Going Off On Instagram

Alina Gonzalez, JFC. She is still ranting about Emily Schuman and Cupcakes and Cashmere.

A social media tantrum so epically strange even Jezebel readers rolled their eyes, Operation Clapback Cuppy continues for a third day as Alina adds ranting in her own instagram comments to her tactical takedown.


She reiterated that she is the one who really ran the show at C&C for the past year or so. Why anyone would want to take credit for that is God’s guess, but sure.

It’s like, do you think EMILY was out or on the phone talking to her friends who are career managers and leaders about how to make the internal dynamics at her company better? I cared SO MUCH about the company and making it all work for us…I was their Editorial Director whose loyalty, passion, dedication, commitment, drive, and talent, is difficult to match or replace.

She then continues with her personal commentary on Emily The Person.

She’s not capable of actually feeling happiness for someone else. She’s not focused on her own life, she focuses on monitoring everyone else’s and trying to lasso them into being on whatever level she is on. All she is thinking about is “you have to be doing whatever I’m doing.”

I don’t know why you should care about this soft r (ridiculous) soap opera other than the fact that I assume you, like me, will embrace any excuse to drink wine and eat popcorn while someone’s life hurtles down a train track towards a cliff. Plus I’m kind of curious to see how much mud Alina is going to sling before Geoff and Cuppy send her legal papers. TGIF everyone!