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Alina Gonzalez Thinks You Are Begging For A D In Your Mouth

Alina Gonzalez, has nipples, thinks all you folks who don’t like her probably just need to get a rooster in your cooster.

Apparently she was set off by the profile picture of someone who dared to blaspheme the Almighty Alina.



Obviously she has a lot of very bad not good feelings about being disagreed with, and being a spicy “excellor” means she can’t deal with them by just hitting the block button and reading ‘My Antonia’ while eating cheese like the rest of us. But does she really need to do this?


Or this???


She kept raving, saying, essentially, that if all her female haters were getting some dee they’d be too busy and happy to be worrying about her watermelon ranting.

Look, I admit I’ve been in a dick desert so long even Michael Rapaport is starting to look like a palm tree. But that doesn’t mean every time I open my mouth I’m begging for Snausages because omgawdawg I just will not be a full woman again until a car’s in the meat garage. Women can and do live happy, productive lives without penises. How can she even continue calling herself some kind of feminist icon when she’s spewing the age-old misogynist line that women just need a dick in it to be happy and “W-H-O-L-E”? So…how about you tell us what you think about lesbians and asexuals then, Alina.

She continued on a 2029484 post rant about women and sex and concluded by saying something about trolls being unhappy because they hate sex…or something.