Alina Is A Friend Of Jews

Alina Gonzalez, does not care about your opinion, spent hours yesterday spewing her opinions about every race on the planet. Basically she likes everyone except white women, and thinks the Jewish people have always spoken to her soul.


Oh, did you think that was it? Because A-Goz went on for another 10 breathtaking watermelon text hours, working out her mommy issues in a spectacular, circular, racist stereotype-filled fashion. She begins by telling us that white women suck in bed.

And then she tells us white women we “need to be taught some charactaristics of people of color”. See, we white ladies have no culture of being proud of what we work for and are all full of “resentment and creepy bitterness”…but wait! She is only talking about white AMERICANS. Irish and English peeps, ya cool! Pale yet spicy, like potatoes covered in Tapatio. Which makes me wonder if she is confused about what the ‘Anglo’ portion of WASP means, but ok. Thank goodness she cleared that up, otherwise all those skin color stereotypes would have been offensive.

At about hour 7 she finally gets to the point in her rant that every therapist recognizes as the “sigh, finally, I saw this shit 30 minutes into their first session” moment.

Yep, A-Goz hates white women because her mom was white and apparently didn’t constantly feed Alina’s fragile Spicy Latina ego through her entire childhood like her Cuban Daddy did. So evidently based solely on her experience with her mean mommy, she concludes that obviously the only awesome women are from Latin cultures.

Lest anyone forget, Alina is one of those amazing CARNAL women.

As for you pathetic white women Alina has some advice on how you can be more like the amazing Alina, although you obviously never will be like her because you have too much white dna in you and are doomed to hating sex and gold jewelry.

  1. chickenmom

    Someone needs to remind her that her boss, Anine Bing is gasp…a white woman. I wonder if anyone from that company watches (or in Alina’s case reads) her Instastories. Someone needs to because the racism is horrific.

  2. Bentley Alex Daniels Evans

    In what world is Alina not a white American though? Her mother who raised her is white American, her father who ditched her as a child is white Cuban of Euro heritage, not exactly a POC. She has zero relationships with her apparently more spicy relatives, has a history of dating only white dudes and working for white women. How, exactly is she not white when her family identifies as white American or white European? A ‘z’ at the end of your surname does not make you a Latina, Alina, stop appropriating other cultures and struggles to try and make yourself seem more interesting, it’s sick.

  3. ten nerd

    I am Jewish, and her description of Jews makes me want to vomit. She would be no friend of mine.

  4. wittyname

    She should meet some Jubans, would blow her mind. I come from a place where the two dominant cultures are judaism and cuban, followed closely by every other latin american culture and Haitian.Then the Wasps. Anyway, my jewish family must be doing it way wrong: humor: check, not taking themselves seriously: ha, nope. Oversensitive, check. But way to stereotype all cultures blogger I’ve heard of only on GOMI

  5. tender vittles

    Wow, as a plain American white woman who has somewhat followed her train wreck spiral, I think I have been offended enough to pass over her content. Who the hell thinks it is okay to summarily dismissed a whole class of women?

  6. Taylors Gonna Tay

    I think I am speaking for most Jews when I say “Alina, stay the f**k away or we are getting a restraining order”.

  7. Bitch brisket

    Shuuuut uuuuuuuuuuuup you silly b****

  8. Pineapple McCrazy Eyes

    Girl has issues.



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