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Alina Will Explain Why Pugs Are Fantastic

The Hyperbalist Alina Gonzalez, amazing, loves pugs. She loves pugs more than you love pugs, and she knows why pugs are amazedonks. Let her tell you why.

She starts on her latest Watermelon Rant by telling us how pugs are hilarious. So hilarious, in fact, that they are “the Jews of dogs”.

Get it? Because they are “natural comedians”! But her love of pugs goes deeper than your love. You see, pugs have inspired Alina since she was a super creative poverty sticken child.

CLASSIC. Well crap, now I have that annoying song stuck in my head – you know, the one Walgreens plays all the time. I guess I will put on MKTO and sing until she stuffs a sock in my mouth.

  1. Grey Duck

    Jeezus... To think that 100+ years from now, this woman will have departed from this world and this "content" will be part of narrative by which the world will remember her by. Does she realize this or does she just not care?

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  2. oh get over yourself Melanie

    I cannot believe she's never seen a shiba inu meme

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    • Office Worker

      I think Alina inhabits an internet that is solely pugs

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    • Dooce Bigelow

      Or Corgi.

      Or Golden Retriever.

      Like, what the hell is she even saying most of the time? She needs to get out more.

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  3. lazy Triscuit-smelling flaky lipped twat


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  4. Trainwreck Married to a Dumpster Fire

    Did she get fired already?

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    • evil dark squirrel

      Hopefully it's just a matter of time til she gets fired from Anine. I have no idea who's idea it was to hire a trainwreck like her anyways.

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  5. Basic Tongue Bowl

    Hmmmm....maybe I'm the Jew of pugs!

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  6. Candace Started the Fire

    I am really tempted to post a Lucille Bluth "Yeah, who doesn't love the Jews?" gif but I shall resist.

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    • cuckoos nest

      ...What is a "Watermelon Rant"?

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      • Blame the Jetlag

        Check out the other links about Alina for full detail on her Watermelon Rants,

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  7. Purple21

    Imagine what Shakespeare could have achieved if only he'd had a pug.

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    • Garbo's unironed underwear

      I want to like this comment forever and ever

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  8. Pink Coat Dilemma

    This b***h has never even HAD a pug as an adult. She's too selfish and irresponsible for pet ownership, so I suppose a pug has been spared from her care, but from the way she rants, you'd think she has rescued and homed dozens of pugs. Nope, she just posts about them. You may be thin, creative, and a DIRECTOR, Alina, but I actually have my own wonderful pug, so suck it.

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  9. omgbusy

    The whole "Jews are just like dogs lol aren't I so edgy and cute" thing didn't work for Lena Dunham and it's not any cuter when this b***h does it, despite her being pretty in an average way and omgskinny. Which I'm sure she thinks turns all her mindless yet offensive drivel into brilliant insights.

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  10. Pineapple McCrazy Eyes

    Pugs are magical creatures, but WUT?

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