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Alina Will Explain Why Pugs Are Fantastic

The Hyperbalist Alina Gonzalez, amazing, loves pugs. She loves pugs more than you love pugs, and she knows why pugs are amazedonks. Let her tell you why.

She starts on her latest Watermelon Rant by telling us how pugs are hilarious. So hilarious, in fact, that they are “the Jews of dogs”.

Get it? Because they are “natural comedians”! But her love of pugs goes deeper than your love. You see, pugs have inspired Alina since she was a super creative poverty sticken child.

CLASSIC. Well crap, now I have that annoying song stuck in my head – you know, the one Walgreens plays all the time. I guess I will put on MKTO and sing until she stuffs a sock in my mouth.