Instagram WTF

Alinagate Has Become An Exploding Watermelon We Can’t Look Away From


Alina Gonzalez, totally doing fine, has now been ranting for over a week. She went from righteously taking down the Cupcakes and Cashmere empire to trying to position herself as some kind of feminist crusader. This somehow turned into her spending the past few days apparently sitting in her bedroom not washing her hair and picking at her face until it bleeds – and telling anyone who expresses concern about her downward spiral that they are the ones who “need therapy”.

She was originally just indulging herself in the usual h8turs gon h8 tirade spewed by every thin skinned “influencer” alive. But things took an ugly turn when Alina started “owning” her “not politically correct” self by posting a message to her “haters”.


This offended…well, almost everyone who isn’t licking The Director’s squirrel cave. And ya know what? Too bad for you! Alina thinks your offended feelings are your own fault.


The queen of authenticity then informs her followers that anything other than agreement and kindness is not welcome.


She even pulls out the favorite old saw of butthurt internet celebrities:


Having effectively scared anyone but the most sycophantic poodles from interacting with her, she ramped up her diatribe to a wonderfully normal and sane and empathy filled conclusion.



I’m still trying to figure out how she has time to do any freelance work when she seems to be spending 24/7 blathering into Instagram stories. Maybe that ice cream meeting with a Fortune 500 VIP will bring her some new work to take her mind off her DMs.