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“All Things Thrifty” Will Just Wait And See About Her Dog

Brooke, has a dog named Sugar, has apparently been crying over her dog. Why, you ask? Because her son – who is “a rambunctious two years old, and he doesn’t know any better” – injured the poor thing:

The other day, my son…hurt Sugar. He jumped off the stairs directly onto her back. She is a Shih-Tzu and a small dog…After he jumped on her, she crawled slowly until she found me in the laundry room. Her back hind leg was hurt bad, I could tell. She whimpered a little, but she didn’t whine loudly. Even though she didn’t cry out, I knew it was bad. I could tell by the hurt look in her eyes.

Obviously Brooke did what any responsible pet owner would do when faced with a whimpering, limping dog – she “immediately called the vet”:

We did as the vet instructed and did tests from home to see if her leg may have been broken, dislocated…etc. Since the tests all seemed negative,  the vet advised us to  ”wait a day or two” to see if it started to get better on its own.

Evidently the brilliant advice to sit around doing nothing while her dog limped around the house didn’t result in a cure, because:

A few days after the incident, we took her to the vet. She most likely has a cranial crucial ligament tear {which is the equivalent to a human tearing his/her ACL}. The vet said that most likely she will not heal on her own, but we will wait for a bit to find out if she needs surgery for sure.

I don’t understand – why does her vet’s advice constantly seem to be “let’s wait”? Maybe I’m just a crazy pet owner, but if my animal was depending on pain pills in order to not be in limping misery and my vet kept telling me to “wait”, I’d find another vet. I sure as hole wouldn’t have waited “a few days” to take my clearly injured pet in for an exam, no matter what a vet said.

Ok, am I just overreacting to someone letting their injured dog sit around in obvious discomfort for “a few days”? Is this standard pet owner practice to “wait” when you can “tell” that your pet’s “back hind leg was hurt bad”?