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Already Pretty Joins The Blog-To-Book Trend

Sally McGraw, personal stylist and blogger, joins the ranks of Cupcakes & Cashmere and What I Wore by producing yet another blog-turned-book.

According to the announcement of her self-published effort, Already Pretty: The Book is supposed to teach you how to dress your shape and give you self-esteem through clothes or something:

The book is packed with enlightening exercises, mix-and-match figure flattery techniques, and effective tutorials that illustrate how personal style can foster self-love and self-respect.

Because as everyone knows, self-respect is based on wardrobe choices.

Well at least this is a self published book, which means I don’t want to yet again yell “WTF” at the publishing industry. But frankly these blogger books are getting a little tedious. It’s as though bloggers think print = legitimacy, and getting something in a book form seems to be the ultimate goal of most bloggers these days. It sort of lays dead the typical blogger argument of “I’m a REAL WRITER! Just because it’s a blog doesn’t mean I’m not a REAL WRITER!” when they are trying so hard to get in print.

I just feel that having something that you have basically already published for free on the internet bound and printed seems like nothing more than an exercise in vanity. It doesn’t increase the validity of your words, it doesn’t make you more authoritative. It just means you can puff yourself up by adding “author of” to your About page. And in my opinion, that’s really not a good enough reason to put a book into the world. But what do I know, I’m not a writer.