Amanda Is Pissed That You Slept With Her Husband

Meet Amanda. She’s angry at Trish. In fact she’s so angry that she’s created an entire website detailing how angry she is. Why is Amanda angry at Trish? Well according to her, Trish is a criminal who forced her husband to have an affair he didn’t want…for 5 years:

Her behavior DURING the affair constitutes, however loosely, blackmail, and more definitively, extortion and coercion.  She threatened, underhandedly but in no uncertain terms, that if he didn’t see her when in town (we live in California. A few times a year he went to Columbus, Ohio for business) she would make threats to tell me.  He would say, “I can’t.  I am very busy.” Her response, every time, “Well, I think it’s time we tell Amanda.”  So he would see her.

Claiming “it is quite uncommon for an adultery tale as vicious and disturbing as this one”, Amanda shares the cruelly taunting emails of her husband’s mistress, full of such horrible threats as “I am sorry”. She also makes it clear that she is much more attractive than Trish, because obviously that is super important in a contest of moral justice.

I can’t decide whether I hope this site is some kind of viral campaign attempt, or the beginning of the greatest internet trainwreck of the year.