Andy Wants To Know Why You Insist On Bringing Nature’s Wrath Upon Yourself

Andrea Francis, has a blog, has a caring and thoughtful blog post up in response to the Oklahoma City tornado tragedy. In a nutshole, she wants to know wtf is wrong with people who live in “disaster zones”:

With all the modern technology we have, instead of using it to avoid places we know are susceptible to disaster we try to come up with ways of living in disaster zones. But nature is still winning.

Is it really that hard to move? 

After seeing all the images from Oklahoma today I feel a bit frustrated that people continue to live in tornado belts, active volcanic areas and hurricane zones.

Saying “Humans create enough of a mess…without having to plant ourselves deliberately in situations very likely to have disastrous consequences on the things we care about”, Andy also provides a list of reasons why idiot humans purposely live in parts of the world where nature ruins lives. This list includes adrenaline addiction, inability to remember the last disaster, and “invented identity”. She closes this sensitive response to a regional disaster with these comforting words:

I live in a part of the world where there are no volcanos, no landslides, no earthquakes, no sandstorms, no blizzards, no hurricanes. I’ve never had to worry that these things will happen. Why would I want to live in a place that could kill me easily?

Oh. Well ok then. I guess that solves everything! Let’s all move to Andy’s town!