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Angel Barta Still Claims She’s Being “Soul Tortured” By Marc Jacobs

Angel Barta, everyone copies her, has spent months posting to her blog about how “Marc Jacobs is the most cruel thief of the century“. Though she has spent the better part of 2013 leaving comment linkbacks  all over the internet to her insane claims that Marc Jacobs steals her every single idea, she’s now essentially accusing Jacobs of sexual harassment by claiming that Jacobs won’t use a model unless she satisfies his “perverse fantasy”:

Marc Jacobs asked me many times to do dirty photos for him. He asked me to pose topless and push up my breasts. He promised that if I’d do it he would let me be a model on his fashion show.

It seems that Lily McMenamy did the things Jacobs asked her to, as she has walked on MJ’s runway. Jacobs can’t stand the fact that he could not humiliate me and convince me to do those things for him. That’s why he has been torturing me and stealing my ideas, using my talent for 5 years.

Is it just me…or are those requests called “modelling”? I mean, if you don’t want to do the poses and looks that a designer wants, then he probably won’t have you in his show. I don’t see how that’s “perverse” manipulation. Just work for another designer. But then ole Angel claims:

Jacobs kept torturing me: Saying he loved me, sending me love messages, poems, he wrote love songs and asked famous singers to sing it.

She even apparently wrote a book about her “affair” with Jacobs, though it reads less like a love affair and more like Adrian Forrester begging for modelling fame from an increasingly skeeved out designer.

You know, even ignoring the fact that Jacobs is evidently gayer than the Butt Hutt on the last night of Fleet Week, if you are a legitimate model and are feeling propositioned or pressured in a way that makes you uncomfortable, the solution is not to take some crazy smear campaign to the internet. Talk to your agency and a lawyer and settle it properly if you have actual proof of these claims.  I just don’t get how she hasn’t been sued yet.