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Ashlee Swenson’s Husband Goes Missing

Ashlee Swenson, yet another 20-something Mormon lifestyle blogger, is asking the public to help her find her husband Paul.


Paul Swenson has evidently been missing for 4 days, though his car was eventually located in the parking lot of an elementary school.

Police said the vehicle was found “under suspicious circumstances,” because some of the items found inside do not belong to Paul, including several strange articles of clothing, two backpacks and a bottle of alcohol.

The family has created a Facebook group and a GoFundMe to help with the search.

  1. Pink Phonies

    Maybe he’s strung out on drugs or has mental issues

    But agree they should disclose the full story to the public

    • Jeff knoll

      Yep! Or don’t ask for help. Taking their half a story to the news station is not helping the situation.

  2. James Quinn

    How weird is it that they were offering a 25k reward but now retracted it…

  3. It's on my blaahg

    There was no need to setup a GoFundMe when you can tell that these people come from money. Not just that, but it’s obvious that he willingly chose to leave…which dismantles the idea that he’s “missing,” since it doesn’t seem like he wants to be found at the moment…this is not a child abduction or an elderly with dementia. People’s spouse choose to go missing all the time (whether due to pressure or just needing some space). It’s so tacky that they are asking strangers to contribute money to search for a grown capable man, especially when they have the means to fund the search. They put out such a facade of being the picture perfect family, but it’s obvious that there’s issues they need to deal with.

    • Her Vagisty

      Just make me think of Mad Men. Imagine Betty going all GFM every time Don disappeared. Probably similar to this crew.

  4. Black Ambassador of Vashon

    The family has also apparently removed the ability for anyone to post on the Find Paul Swensen FB page… that they set up for tips/possible sightings. Idk, it all seems a little sketch.Maybe they found him?

    • Kevin Jacobs

      They might as well have. They delete every comment that’s posted anyway. I think people are getting tired of their avoidance and starting to ask tough questions that they don’t want to talk about. Now it’s time they shut down the GFM. The family is well off. They need to be using their own money!!

    • Purple21

      Find him… but don’t find him yet. We’re hoping to meet our target on GFM first.

      This makes me think that they are trying to get a nest egg together for Ashlee and the baby so they can start a new life now that her husband has shot through.

    • Smashley

      His friend is still doing instagram live videos saying they’re still searching. I don’t think they found him but maybe the got a solid lead.

  5. Emily

    This whole case is really odd. Another posted mentioned the overload of pictures of the wife on social media. Some pictures barely show Paul whereas the wife is front and centerin most of them. Even more disturbing is mom’s social media also showcasing pictures of her and her daughter when the post is about finding Paul. The GFM is extremely premature, IMO. Hopefully despite the lack of details about his “mental state” prior to leaving for his “appointment”aw enforcement cab revived DNA from the articles removed from his car.

  6. Autumn Sunrise

    So… a lash bar in Utah is offering $15 spray tans and donating all the proceeds to the GoFundMe I guess. There’s a post on Instagram? And it’s has tagged to the hilt? “#findpaul #giveback #serve #hope #love #light #community #service #liftup #inspire #utah #paulswenson #spraytan #utahtan” This is just odd?

    • Since I’m already surely going to hell I feel totally free to lmfao at how absurd this is.

    • Purple21

      I’ve got a great idea for a fundraiser – seeing so many people are fasting to bring him home, maybe some restaurant can set up a “Bring Paul Home” meal on the menu. You pay $15 for a main course of nothing and all the proceeds go to the search.
      The money can go to hiring one of those mediums who are getting so much promotion on the FB page.

      • wittyname

        Are they for real consulting mediums?????

        • Purple21

          There’s a lot of recommendations for mediums on the Facebook page – and it’s getting an enthusiastic response. No word on whether they have actually consulted a medium.

          It’s sad/ weird seeing the enthusiasm for that idea when anything related to his motivation for leaving is not up for discussion.

    • I put the Eh in Meh

      Oh, I DO so love a tacky fundraiser! This brings me such evil joy!

    • Pancakes and Bullets



      • YOGAdoktur

        I am seriously laughing so hard I am going to get into trouble at work. Killing me.

  7. That Girl

    So I thought maybe I was alone in thinking that maybe this is all for publicity/followers, but looking at the comments on Ashlee’s thread on here I see that I am not! How nutty would it be if they were doing this just to get their names out there…..

    I know this comment will make some people mad. But this story isn’t adding up. I really do think he just doesn’t want to be found and is completely fine. But talk about a plot twist if he was in on it. Lifetime Channel would be all over that storyline.

    • Ellen Alden

      There was a case just like this here. Guy took $ for a job, then left for Atlantic City to try to increase his cash. Lost it all, so disappeared while wife, and baby did FBI tear videos and a gofundme. He came back, and after sappy thank you, a demand for privacy.

      • yammayammayamma

        Isn’t that half the plot of Empire Records?

      • Jenn

        Omg I so see that happening here. They’ll find him and then say “he’s been found, thank you for your help, now please respect our privacy” after they begged for help and publicity. I genuinely do hope he is safe, but this whole thing just seems excessive and i guarantee there will never be answers.

        • wittyname

          That’s exactly what happened with that weird sherri papini case back in november. That was a really strange one.

  8. Sam Mattin

    The family turning off the option to post on the FB page says it all!!!

  9. Meh

    I wonder how easy it will be for them to actually get the GFM funds.

    My friend had a GFM set up for him after his heart failed and he owed a brutal amount of hospital bills while being put on the transplant list. The stories of the hoops he had to jump through to prove he was using the money for its intended purpose was extraordinary.

    Curious to see how they’ll prove they are buying sharpies and bottled water to help find him.

    That poor baby though 🙁

  10. Walmart Sweatpants

    You can still comment in the FB group if you are a member. Family has not turned that off, but you do have to click the green ‘request to join group’ button before you are able to comment.

    • Sam Mattin

      I am a “member” of the phony group, and NO you cannot comment any longer. This is all too weird.

  11. Kris

    I certainly hope he is fine.

  12. Trixie

    As someone who’s father pulled the “now you see me now you don’t” bullshit, I’m sorry for her family. Clearly they’re facing a person that they didn’t truly know, but when a child is involved it’s just gross. I didn’t think it could get weirder, but the GFM does it. WTF?

    • Purple21

      Yes, in spite of all the craziness of this search, Ashlee does not know where her husband is right now and she doesn’t know what’s going to happen next. Even if he comes back, he might not be coming back to play Happy Families. She’s entitled to feel conflicting emotions right now, and I can see why it would be a struggle to keep sending out these messages about love and support when he’s not really showing much concern for her well being or their daughter’s welfare.
      She’s in limbo right now.

  13. NotAnotherTopKnot

    Ok, I totally agree this whole thing is totally bizarre and Ashlee’s insta seems as self absorbed as ever (tbh I didn’t even know who she was until seeing this story). But, have you guys seen his sisters insta? @n.sweson. Very much not the fakey-fakey perfectville you see from Ashlee, which is interesting.

    Yes, the whole FB page is strange and almost phony feeling (for sure!), but I wonder if they turned off commenting and retracted the thing about a reward because they were getting a lot of false or unhelpful leads? I mean who wouldn’t want 25k up for grabs, especially when there’s a pretty good chance this guy really might have just dipped out and people really actually are seeing him. The sister still has it on her insta.

    Either way, it’s super sad for his kid and shows how bizarre living a fake life on insta makes you- you’re husband goes missing and you immediately make a professional reality TV-like video in full hair/make-up. What in the world???

    Whatever is going on here, it’s all super weird.

    • Trillian

      The sisters Instagram feed feels very legitimate. No posed pictures, just seems filled with genuine concern.
      As for Ashlee, just wow. Not sure if she’s just completely tone deaf or knows more than she’s letting on.

      I hope this guy is found, and found alive whatever the circumstances around his disappearance. My heart does go out to them.

    • literally a phoenix

      Yes, the contrast is interesting. The sister is posting pics of Paul that are helpful and might result in someone recognizing him: how he looks with hat, sunglasses, his tatoos, etc.