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Ashlee Swenson’s Husband Goes Missing

Ashlee Swenson, yet another 20-something Mormon lifestyle blogger, is asking the public to help her find her husband Paul.


Paul Swenson has evidently been missing for 4 days, though his car was eventually located in the parking lot of an elementary school.

Police said the vehicle was found “under suspicious circumstances,” because some of the items found inside do not belong to Paul, including several strange articles of clothing, two backpacks and a bottle of alcohol.

The family has created a Facebook group and a GoFundMe to help with the search.

  1. Lorah Lu


    • Wolfdick VonFunGun


    • crystllee

      Why do we think this person is Mormon?

      • KatieB

        He at least once to be. He did his mission in Canada for the church. This was before the drinking and tattoos.

      • Wolfdick VonFunGun

        Crystllee, you provincial putz, it’s obvious. A classic case of ‘if you plant corn, you get corn’. We simply used our hammy powers of deduction to deduce that they are in fact, gasp. Mormon.

        • crystllee

          Nice insult! I’ll have to use that one next time I’m being an asshole for no reason. I asked because as someone who does not read her blog or follow her instagram, a quick perusal didn’t make it obvious. Usually Mormons dress differently and don’t drink (at least publicly) and have on everything? Maybe they were, maybe they are, or maybe, gasp! They aren’t.

      • Icanspotaliar

        He is

  2. Gentle Bullet Crumb

    Ahh, the wealthy…..”my beloved is in jeopardy, HAAAALP, give me (even more) money”. Um, you have loads of money, but somehow you still ended up here. Maybe money isn’t the solution to everything after all.

  3. Lady Down Under

    Following this story from Australia since seeing it posted on his sister in laws insta.. this is the most brutaly honest comments I’ve come across… maybe because the family is censoring the fb page…

    Paul’s wife posted pics on the fb page yesterday of herself and Paul taken the weekend before he left. The ONLY pics I have seen that are natural and unposed. He looked tired and drained/run down. They have since been taken down I think.
    I’ve read – in the last few weeks he has lost a considerable amount of weight, he has sold 2x snowmobiles and a few other expensive ‘toys’ for cash very recently, I also read his wife’s blog and the comments about his nonsense talking ‘out of character behaviour’ leading up to him leaving. It all leads me to think he has a drug problem. The dudes got a vice and it’s taken over his life. The family/ close circle know about it and going by the blog they’ve been trying to fix him.

    A picture tells a thousand words – even more so when they are fake.

    • Jenn

      That was my first thought. I have a family member with a heroin addiction and that’s exactly what it sounds like. Even from Ashlee’s blog post a month ago, I thought that was the issue. Maybe he left to go on a bender and who knows what happened? Maybe he’s overdosed somewhere? It’s awful, but that’s my thought. I just wish that the family would be forthright about the issues he was having before he left. It’s all clearly purposefully vague, but when you’re asking for the public to search and asking for money, you owe it to us to give us the details. I have a feeling though that if drug use is the culprit, they fear that the public and the police would be less inclined to help, so they don’t want to disclose that info. I mean, I can’t tell you how many times my family member left his wife for days at a time to go on a binge… but you don’t send out a search party, you wait for him to come home and wait for the awful news that he’s been jailed or is dead. It’s terrible, but this happens all over the US everyday.

    • Purple21

      Nobody seems to be coming up with any concrete connection between him and drugs/ alcohol. This search is so bizarre, I’m starting to think it’s simply that he just wanted to end his marriage and this was the only way to leave.
      He might have sold the toys for cash because he was planning to skip out. With a family like this, he probably didn’t have the option of rationally talking through the possibility of a separation or divorce. They all would have argued with him and told him his life was perfect so of COURSE he didn’t want to leave. Even now that he’s gone, they are still insisting that life is perfect, so he doesn’t seem to be allowed any kind of voice to contradict that.
      Having said that, he should call his parents and tell them he’s okay. Set up a new life and find a way to be present for his daughter. Apart from that, I fully respect that he didn’t need to be on drugs to want to run away from this freak show.

  4. MidwestIsBest

    Another reason he so clearly left: he deleted his Instagram and Facebook before he left! Isn’t that sketchy to anyone else?

  5. TacoTuesday

    Does anyone read her blog? I’d never heard of her until this popped up, but there is a recent post that hints that there has been big trouble in the marriage. My guesses were 1) gay, 2) unfaithful, or 3) drugs.

    My brother and a friend were briefly missing overnight (got lost off-trail skiing) and if he hadn’t hiked out and been found when he was, it would have cost us $25k+ for search and rescue. My dad had to sign papers committing to pay before they’d call the helicopters. Police and sheriff’s departments are not always right about who needs looking for and often it costs a bundle. So my first response was yeah, it’s expensive, a gofundme makes sense, but the list of what it covers – office supplies, flashlights, stickers, water – wow, that’s crap judgement, if not worse.

    It’s also possible that whatever his business was, it’s actually failing and he’s a suicide. In which case, there may not be the money it looks like.

    • Jenn

      That makes sense to me… missing after a hike in the mountains, yes you send out a search party. But a grown man with no history of mental health issues who most likely left on his own accord? Nope.

  6. Kris

    The police may charge them for a search. The family may involve a private company in the search. If he is missing he isn’t earning money or paying support so the family may need money. A go fund me is a brilliant and easy way to accumulate money from their likely wide extended and inlaw family, extension mission companion network and friends of family. If it’s a mental episode they will surely need money. If he disappeared and doesn’t come clean if he did it on purpose they will surely bill the man for wasting their resources. If he went away and doesn’t want his location known he better tell police that when they find him.

    • lillian

      A few people commented on her IG (promptly deleted as well) that they’ve called the local police to ask about being charged overtime and the police have firmly denied they’re charging the family. That makes the GoFundMe fraud.

      • Kris

        IF he made it look like it wasn’t voluntary and he left voluntary they will after the fact charge the family. They also might be paying for a private search. It’s for the friends and family to give to them more than the public.

        • wittyname

          If it was for the friends and family to give, they could donate through fb or paypal or other ways. GFM charges a fee, so if they is for people they already know, then they are stupid to use GFM. I think this is for the public.

  7. rockinsushiokaaay

    Scrolled through the FB page and saw a comment where some chick was saying how much she loved one of the billboards she saw of the missing person alert.

    Do any of these people realize expressing excitement over a billboard advertising a missing person is not an appropriate response to the situation? They’re all just one selfie away from being that annoying bimbo in Gone Girl who just HAD to get a photo with Ben Affleck’s character.

    Such a weird situation with these people.

  8. JAD

    For the love of all things #mormon…they are hiding everything! The dude got into some shit because his marriage sucked (proof by reading her blog back from JUN) and he left on his own accord. They are mormon and clearly we all know for some damn reason they tend to have “extra” money, so the GFM account is just insane. And let’s also talk about why the f**k his sweet wife didn’t go to his appointments with him…if my hubby was losing his shit, I would be the first one to drive him and care for him and ask a lot of questions to a medical professional. Just fess up that y’all know he chose to leave, there was a marriage issue and you are concerned that he’s been boozin’ it up and you haven’t said anything before because #mormon. I think I would have mental issues too if I had 10000000000000000000 siblings and a wife that portrayed #perfection. So awful!

    • crystllee

      Why do we think they are Mormon? Does she say that on her blog somewhere?

      • KatieB

        I don’t know if she is but he used to be. He did a mission in Canada for the church.

    • Just an Unicorn

      Especially as the appointment was at a ‘heart doctor’ or something (according to comments on facebook)

  9. Amused and Amazed

    This whole scene is so odd, considering the smoke and mirrors and side show this has become, I know nothing about this woman but I hope she didn’t do something to him…

    • Jenn

      Omg I told my husband about this whole thing and his first response was “I know I watch too many of those shows, but maybe she hired a hitman.” He said the whole thing, especially the video seemed disingenuous and “Gone Girl-ish.” God I hope not…

      • Anonymous

        “Disingenuous” is a great word to use here and the perfect word to sum up everything that they have said regarding his disappearance from day one.

  10. Roof Grackle

    We had something similar happen a few months ago in the area where I live. The guy had sent his wife a text telling her he was in the trunk of a car. Later cops found his car in a parking lot. He popped up a couple days later a few states over if I remember correctly. He was fine and had just run oft. There was no go fiund me to my knowledge, just a family very concerned about their loved one.

    There is a lot to side eye in this situation, and I really hope he is found safe and healthy. And not a scam. Because that would horrify me.

  11. fuzzymouse

    Um.. I had a former boyfriend who moved, then disappeared. Although pals tried searching, no local law enforcement]worked to look for him because he wasn’t from that state and he didn’t have much family. Finally ]another pal got involved in the search and discovered the body. Although his suspected murderer was on the FBI wanted list they didn’t do much to try to find them. All this to say, I would never judge anything or anyone until the facts are in.

  12. woahlo

    If you watch Paul’s vines he seems like a really funny cool guy. Definitely someone who wouldn’t be involved with all the fake “perfection” his family wants to portray. Seems like someone who would make fun of it. Maybe he felt trapped, especially in the religion. The only thing that stumps me is I find it hard to believe that he would want to leave his baby girl, which makes me think something else was affecting him… There are just so many possibilities.

    I also have to just mention again how WEIRD it is that instead of posting pictures of him on social media accounts it’s glamour shots of everyone else. What in the world?! (picture of all the women done up) “We miss Paul so much!” Maybe there isn’t anything sketchy about them and they’re just plain weird like that.. which is sad.

    Whenever his friend posts instagram stories its always the same thing! Like “yeah here we are looking for Paul (introduces random people and they all wave and smile) If you’re not going to inform us of any leads or anything that could help anyone find Paul, get off damn instagram!! Same thing on the Facebook group. It’s all pictures of people who are donating things and posing. I think this is just a plain weird family..

  13. gahhhh

    So is the comment on Ashlee’s instagram saying he’s been found in Salt Lake City a real thing? Or just attention seeking?