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Ashlee Swenson’s Husband Goes Missing

Ashlee Swenson, yet another 20-something Mormon lifestyle blogger, is asking the public to help her find her husband Paul.


Paul Swenson has evidently been missing for 4 days, though his car was eventually located in the parking lot of an elementary school.

Police said the vehicle was found “under suspicious circumstances,” because some of the items found inside do not belong to Paul, including several strange articles of clothing, two backpacks and a bottle of alcohol.

The family has created a Facebook group and a GoFundMe to help with the search.

  1. wittyname

    I did not look at the GFM page till today. There’s no mention of police overtime or anything like that, and there is mention of the money going to support his wife and daughter till he’s found. I wonder if they got pressure for their weird and fraudulent claims about police overtime and 23k for ice.

  2. Bat shit beatrice

    I am totally unsure how I only posted half of my comment but what I wanted to say was that the blogger/ friend patrolling Ashlee’s ig put up a post on her own ig introducing herself to her new followers right after announcing that she was censoring the comments on Ashlee’s posts!

  3. Sweatpants GunBun

    The post on the FB group about stopping the search seemed too casual, meaning they clearly know where he is or have at least heard from him. Basically, they mentioned that they have combed the entire immediate area and exhausted all SLC immediate possibilities.

    Also, the Cody friend who did the Insta live of the volunteer park gathering, he was enjoying the camera, holding the baby and all of the attention FARRR too much. It was as if it was a family reunion, he kept coming up to Pauls’ family forcing the camera in their face and they seemed so uncomfortable with the attention. I feel bad for his family if they truly didn’t know where he was, but Cody seemed superrrrr bchill, basically goofing around during the entire insta live.

  4. kylie jenners lip injections

    The comments on the fb page have taken a dark turn–lots of speculation and people asking for their gofundme donations back because they are calling off their search.

    • Purple21

      All I can see now is hysterical preaching about how “I gave my money to the cause” and condemning the people who question giving money to a family in need… they’ll feel so bad that they asked for their donations back!
      It’s freaky to see this kind of brainwashing in action.

  5. LifetimeMovie

    I cannot believe the search has ended. Well that was short lived…but the go fund me remains. So this seems like such a set up. She played this out perfectly. Airs his cheating and “plays” the strong but wounded wife/ mother. Month later he goes missing( she probably knew he was vulnerable and having drug problems or whatever would mix well in people feeling so sorry for HER). So she gets all the gfm money. Gets a good lawyer and plays the innocent victim that tried to stay and make it work through his many “monsters” (per the blog post). She gets full custody and when he returns she will say she’s grieving and trying to move on as a single mother…but she will take tons of selfies fighting these horrible monsters on her new journey moving on from mean ole Paul #movingon #lettinggosucks #itried #singlemom #butfirstselfie She is totally playing everyone she knows EXACTLY what she’s doing. And boy does she have a lot fooled. But Instagram and blog fame is worth it all though right? So sick.

    • Kris

      She should not be cheated on. He should not disappear. She should not be abandoned with a baby. She didn’t cheat, or go on a substance binge (if the stuff in the car was his) or disappear. She deserves sympathy. As to how she is acting she has been told a marriage/family fairytale her whole life (not her fault) and recently had a baby.

      • LifetimeMovie

        I did not say she did cheat or go on a substance binge. And what are you talking about she has been told fairytales her whole life. I grew up reading fairytales but as you GROW UP you learn reality. This woman is out of touch with reality. And I did not say she deserved to be cheated on because I agree he never should’ve cheated in the first place. But it was her choice to air it and play the strong wounded wife, then he goes missing, now they are accepting money, posting glamour shots, smiling and having “a good time.” Please re read my comment and then try your reply again. I actually feel sorry for Paul.

  6. Trekkievet

    I glanced at her blog – They were both mere children (she was 17 & Paul 23) when these “soulmates” met… How rarely these young-love marriages work out!

  7. Instagram Welfare Queen

    Some of the comments on that page are highly entertaining but the replies are even more so. What a weird situation.

  8. Aspen Roberts

    *doesn’t anyone find it odd Paul works out at Lifetime yet he lives in American Fork ? He has to pass at least 10 gyms. Average person spends an hour working out…. he spends that much time commuting to and from the gym?

    *does anyone know what Paul drives ? In one of the news interviews one of the parents said it was odd that he took Ashlee’s car that day … the BMW. I’m sure that was strategic because it could be tracked by BMW.

    *where does Ashlee go from here ? She has a home that she probably can’t afford the payment — yet probably has equity. She can’t sell it. Paul is MIA and both of their names are on the house. Life insurance is also out. No proff he is dead and it takes 7 years to declare a missing person dead.

    *does she really want that BMW back? Ewwww…. I wouldn’t want to be putting my newborn baby in that car that has god knows who doing god knows what in.

    *I find it crazy people keep looking for him at the road home. This guy puts clear coat and his fingernails and works out everyday. He’s not on the streets with those people.

  9. GrimmLover

    I just think #FindMacklemormon shirts need to be made, I would buy that shit in a heart beat, they can have all the proceeds! lol

  10. Scott

    This story is a mess. Sounds like a good old fashioned case of fraud to me. Either both in on it and need money and he is hiding out… or he left her cuz she is crazy and she now feels desperate and needs money. Nothing about this feels right. I’m telling you, these utah lifestyle bloggers are fake as dolly patrons weave. These people are insecure have issues like no other I have seen and don’t live in the real world. When real life problems come along these fake lifestyle bloggers can’t handle it. I think they need money and this is all a scam

  11. Everett

    Regardless of his marital woes or other suspecious stuff he still has a baby daughter and he still has a mom and dad whom must feel like this is just a bad dream that wont end. Lets hope for their sake at the very least he returns alive.