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Ashley Will Crash Your Race And Take Selfies

The Race Pirate

Ashley Hesseltine, selfie taker, recently decided to copy the selfie stunt of another marathon runner and selfie stunt during a marathon of her own. Of course, she didn’t see the need to pay the race fee just to selfie:

I put it out there on social media–”Anyone have an extra bib number so I can follow in this glorious girl’s footsteps (literally)?”…Aaaaand crickets…So, being the rule breaker I am, I ran it anyway.

With captions like “The ‘Waiting to Start the Race in a Corral You Snuck Into Because You Don’t Have a Bib Number’ Selfie” and “The ‘This Sweaty Shirtless Dude Is About to Rape My Arm With His Arm’ Selfie” Ashley jogged and tongue-thrusted her way through her free race. When other runners began to berate her for hijacking a race she didn’t pay to participate in, Ashley shot back:

And to all the runners who have too much time on their hands and posted ridiculous hate comments below: A) Thanks for the pageviews. B) Please note I tried up until the night before to get a number. I didn’t even know if I would even finish the race–I just wanted to go out there, run on PUBLIC ROADS, show off our beautiful, amazing city, and make an entertaining blog post that was actually enjoyed by quite a few people who ran the race. And C) I’ve run this race two other times and paid for it and I plan to again. If you’re losing sleep over this, tell me where to send the check. I’ll take a selfie with it.  LYLAS.

I’m not a runner (unless the taco truck drives away before I get there) but isn’t it generally considered bad form to pirate races this way? Especially for your own publicity stunts? I assumed they would discourage randoms just showing up to run for free when other people are paying entry fees. Not that Ashley seems to care about such etiquette.

So anyway…I guess by the laws of Supporting Women we are all now supposed to say “you go girl, race for you”?