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Aubrey McCoy Will Shame You Hither And Thither My Friend

Aubrey McCoy, the bearded half of the Bleubird blog empire, put on his knightly armor today in order to defend his wife, her friends, and twee hipster bloggers everywhere from the slurs of one woman who would dare question…a swimsuit.

But that was not enough for knightly Sir Flouncelot – he followed poor Page over to her own instagram where he continued to berate her…over her comments about a swimsuit.

And now I’m going to make bathtub bellinis while you folks contemplate the irony of a grown man who follows a girl over to another internet location in order to tell her she’s a bully and acting like a high schooler…because of a swimsuit. Think it over. I’ll wait.

ETA: Looks like the comments are getting deleted already.