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Austrian Teenager Suing Parents Over Baby Pictures Posted On Social Media

An 18 year old woman in Austria is suing her parents for posting “embarrassing” photos of her as a baby and child to their facebook accounts.

They knew no shame and no limit – and didn’t care whether it was a picture of me sitting on the toilet or lying naked in my cot – every stage was photographed and then made public…

The photos included diaper changes, potty training, and other childhood events. The parents have refused to remove the photos, because the father feels “since he took the photos he has the right to publish the images”.

  1. Yes my baby is my paycheck

    I hope she wins. I feel so sorry for kids embarrassed and/or endangered by their own parents just for click$ and likes. To hell with all the kid-pimping mommy bloggers….what a bunch of assholes.

  2. My red wine

    My son to me…. Mom, I really don’t like that picture of me. Please don’t share it/please delete it.
    Me… Ok

    It really is that simple.

    • Coma Thruster

      How a parent could not grasp such a simple concept is beyond me. My brain cannot compute the father’s reaction.

    • snarkfordays

      My siblings and I have had to BEG our mother to not post unflattering photos of us online. She’s normally a very rational, level-headed person, except when it comes to this. 🙁

      • rml

        Yep. I got in a huge fight with my mom when I visited her this year and she was posting every picture on Facebook without me even seeing them first. She couldn’t understand why I wanted her to remove them. Somehow, she ESPECIALLY didn’t understand why I wanted her to remove the photo she posted of me that I had sent her over text message months before in which I was in my PJs.

    • mamapaparazzi

      I hope she wins too! It would send a message to all those self-absorbed, selfish and narcissistic social media wh**es who violate their child’s right to privacy all for likes and headpats.

  3. Methuselah Honeysuckle

    There is a world of difference between taking naked baby pictures to keep in the family album (I know there are some of me at my parents’ house) and posting them on the internet for all the world to see. Good for her.

    • JIF

      Yes, this is what so, so many people don’t understand. No one is saying you are not allowed to take undie picks of your kids or document potty training. We are saying KEEP IT IN YOUR PERSONAL, PRIVATE ALBUM. Not for the whole world to see. Take them if you must, but they don’t belong on the internet.

  4. Severus Snark

    I can’t believe they’d insist on leaving them, nudity and all, despite her pleas reaching the level of legal action. Claiming your “right” to humiliate and expose your daughter publicly is more important than her request that you don’t?

    I hope she drags them through the mud and sets the standard for dealing with these cases. How hard is it to realize your child is a person, and one you should love more than social media? Are you listening, Tiffany?

  5. Storm

    And so it begins…

  6. Pluck Me Running

    Kinsley as a teen “you posted what?”

    • Timsims

      Kinsley as a teen “So when you realised that paedophiles were wanking off to my pictures, instead of protecting me, you gave them photos of me in the nude..oh and close ups of my crotch too? So you gave the paedos MORE pics of me to wank to and share with their friends?”

      Tiffany ” Yeah but like babe, I totes got free clothes for you and OMG, I had like 328K followers. That’s like totes amaze balls.”

      She’s a f**kING disgrace.

  7. controlled slide on my hog

    Are you listening, Eleanor Davis? Take notes for the future.

  8. A Giveaway Code For A Reality Check

    All I can say is that it’s about damn time.

  9. MissMorland

    “the father feels “since he took the photos he has the right to publish the images””

    Wow. That right there is how to make sure you never get to see your daughter again after she moves out. Until she turns up at your deathbed and shoves a camera in your face.

    I hope she wins, poor kid. And I’m sure she won’t be the last.

    • Severus Snark

      Particularly disturbing sentiments in the age of dudes who sneak upskirt photos with smart phones.

      f**king gross of him. You don’t own your daughter or her image, even if you can miraculously use a camera.

  10. PizzaPie

    I really can’t believe her own father wouldn’t remove the pictures after she asked. My brother went through a period of being embarrassed by bath photos in our family album so my parents covered them with other pictures until he stopped caring, and these were only seen by close friends and family. I really hope she wins. It’s disgusting that the parents wouldn’t take them down.

  11. JIF

    Hey, Jenna. PAY ATTENTION.

  12. KipDynamite

    I’m ready to be noped to hell, so have at it, guys. But, lol @ this. Okay, 500 photos in the last 7 years is a bit excessive, but seriously… suing your parents over kids photos? There has to be an underlying issue here because this sounds ridiculous. I can’t even imagine suing my parents over something so silly.

    That’s not to say that I agree with mommy bloggers who chose to ignore their children’s needs and follow theme around like paparazzi. That’s a whole different story.

    • A Real Human With Feelings

      If somebody asks you to remove a picture, you do it. Simple as that. If you can’t do that, you don’t deserve to have a relationship. It’s called being a human being.

      Austria and the EU in general have pretty strong privacy laws (even if not a litigious culture) so hopefully she kicks their asses.

      • Mama of 2

        I agree with you. I think it’s one thing when you talk about the mommy bloggers who have public FB/IG/Snapchat/Twitter/ETC feeds.

        It’s another when you’re talking a private FB page. I have 240 FB friends and none of them are strangers. Though my kids are teens now and I ask before I post photos of them, anywhere.

        And 500+ photos is a LOT. And when your kid (or really, anyone) asks you to remove a photo of them, you remove the photo.

    • justwhelmed

      But if your parents refuse to take down embarrassing photos of you in compromising situations, what else is there to do?

    • A Giveaway Code For A Reality Check

      Obviously there’s an underlying issue, considering that these wretched parents were not willing to remove the pictures after their daughter expressed her discomfort.

      I mean, come on, this asshole father says “I took that picture (of you sitting on the toilet when you were at the mercy of my decisions as a parent), so I have the right to publish it (and I will do so even though you’ve made it clear you’re not happy with it).” How can you possibly condone that?

      • KipDynamite

        I’m not saying he’s right for doing that either. If your child asks something reasonable of you, you should do it. But, what is suing going to accomplish? Idk, it just seem like an overkill. We all have embarrassing kid photos. It’s not the end of the world. Now if they were Kinsley style photos, then sue your p**o parent for all he’s worth.

        • Severus Snark

          Suing will mean they’re legally required to take them down. I thought that was really, really obvious.

          It sounds as if all of these photos were posted well after they were taken, too–when she was old enough to know and be asked for consent. Active public humiliation of an adolescent, not the albums passed around at Christmas you so easily dismiss. Also, just because it’s “silly” to your removed ass doesn’t mean a damn thing.

          It’s sick that she has to ask anyone, let alone legal council, to get her parents to stop actively hurting her in a way they should never want to. But that’s on them, not the victim.

          • Purple21

            Looking at the dates, it sounds like they started posting baby photos of her around the time she would have been 11 years old. That is a red flag for me – the occasional flashback photo to show what they looked like as a baby is one thing, but consistently posting naked photos of a baby who has now grown into a child almost old enough to have her own Facebook account? I’m thinking they wanted their own little Kinsley, and they just had to wait until Facebook was available to get started.

            • sundae

              yeah, there is something off with the dates. And the fact they either scanned in film pictures, or had some very early digital pics hanging around. I feel like there is more to it than what is being said. However.. bloggers, please take note!

      • KipDynamite

        Oop @ me. I totally just glossed over the post/article and missed that the pics are quite intimate. Well, nvm, then. I’m with her. Let me go nope my original comment as well.

    • Bolivian Army Wedding Singer

      Here’s a question coming from a childless hamcat:
      Where does a parent’s right to “own their child” end and where does a child’s right of privacy begin?
      Maybe the parents’ reason for doing this is sort of creating an online photo album for their child but I won’t be happy if they allowed unrestricted access to the album because we all know that there are unscrupulous people online and as far as the internet’s existence is concerned, one has to be ignorant or plain stupid not to acknowledge the dangers of sharing photos online.

      Okay, rant finished.

      • the one true morty

        You never own your kid. You can’t own people. So I guess a child always has the right of privacy.