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Avitable Admits Being A Dirtbag To Unsurprised World

Adam Heath, long whispered to be a dirtbag, has admitted to being a dirtbag.

Confessing a long list of things most people already heard rumors about – like the fact that he “exposed myself to women for my own secret thrill”, “sent unsolicited pictures, by text, by message, by mail, or even by hand”, and “recorded sexual acts without consent for my own private viewing” – Avitable sums up by saying simply “I’m sorry”. He then goes on to insist he is a better person now and it’s like so hard you guys.

I learned that my behavior was toxic and despicable. And I slowly developed tools and behaviors to stop being such a villain. But it hasn’t been easy…

Yet in the same paragraph he admits that’s he’s still a jerkoff.

Even today, I don’t think it’s my job to be the morality police if a woman wants to cheat on her boyfriend or husband. I don’t step away from those situations – in fact, I want to welcome them, as it gives me a chance to collect yet another soul.

After all this mea culpa nonsense he ends by claiming he’s “not perfect” and that he will keep on being his hypocritical self anyway.

The best I can do is continue on my current path – be an advocate. A source of strength. Empower and listen. Call out those who continue to abuse women…

Well congratulations, here’s your What A Faux Feminist Looks Like cookie.

  1. Mazel Tov Cocktail

    “I wrote a highly calculated internet confessional to convince people I’m no longer a monster.”

    f**k this guy. Monsters never change. Ever. Proof: Making me read this shit on a screaming yellow background.

    • Mazel Tov Cocktail

      This is just his latest manipulation technique. And it’s not a true attempt at pretending to change unless he commits himself to rehab or a hospital where he will then try to bone vulnerable female patients. Hugo Schywzer #neverforget

      If it’s a loudmouthed male feminist- it’s a predator.

    • RESPECT the Stay at Home Purse Mom

      He was getting a lot of people really telling him what a low life he was. I saw several people say He had never apologized to some women and some guy really told him off for sending his wife an unsolicited dick pick.
      There were a few people really giving him hell for the way he treated Stacy (the one who committed suicide). He claimed to “I never did anything inappropriate with her” and one of the people committed back with a list.
      At least hopefully he will stay off the Internet.

      • Adjust yer monitor

        What did he do to Stacy?! I missed all this and didn’t get to his page before it was taken down.

        He’s such a creep and I’ve never understood the gaggle of women around him.

        • Amie Watchagonnadew

          I always wondered this too and the only thing I could come up with is that women either thought they were going to get status with him (yuck, I know) or they were afraid and wanted to keep him close for that reason. Always thought he was a creep and a bully who tries to masquerade as this cultural blog icon of self importance. And thinking that he’s “collecting souls” and being proud of seducing married women is definitely an indication of how insecure and narcissist he must be.

  2. lurkatic

    “in fact, I want to welcome them as it gives me a chance to collect yet another soul.”

    LOL WHAT. Does this guy think he’s the grim reaper or some shit?

    I knew a guy like this in law school. Got duped into dating him short term, luckily. He was like…. proud of being manipulative. Blamed a woman who cheated on him when he was like, 20 years old for ALL OF IT. Would do stuff like be texting two girls in the same room about how much he liked them at the same time – when he was supposed to be another girls boyfriend… Yada yada yada

    He ended up: in jail, losing custody of his kid and losing his license to practice law. I’ve never been less surprised by anything.

    • Seaside Honey Fantasia

      Didn’t you know? Your soul is in your vagina.


  3. flea circus


    • Amie Watchagonnadew

      best to keep it that way lol but there is internet dirt there if you dig

  4. polynomialpurebred

    oh, yikes, forgot about this bozo. followed a blog of someone once friendly w him and miss b, she soured on how toxic they got during the fling. what a creepy shitstain this guy is.

  5. stealth health approach


  6. confusing weiner

    lol a sexual predator calling himself an “advocate to empower and listen” is the funniest and saddest shit i’ve ever heard. I hope this guy gets arrested.

  7. kellianne

    f**king gross. There are a couple links to blog posts in his thread here at GOMI that are still online. Full of comments defending him from people who (I sincerely hope) are now suitably embarrassed.

  8. allegedly

    He has lost his teaching job.

  9. Emily, you in danger, girl

    He’s a complete piece of shit.

    And to answer the question about why there was such a gaggle of women around him…there used to be a whole lot of average “mommy” bloggers and very few men bloggers and for some reason the women all flocked around the few men and commented profusely on every mediocre thing they wrote. I think it was just the novelty of them having a penis.

  10. SnarkosaurusRed

    Ugh. I’m immediately reminded of someone I know who also is semi(?) internet famous, just as gross and baboonish as this buffoon but he makes no apologies about the gross shit he’s done. It’s all on his website. I’m not sure what’s worse ugh.

  11. Zero Fux R Given

    I can’t even remotely try and think about this in detail. He’s been dark, dirty and nasty since day one. I was around when “I had sex with a married employee in an affair that ended my marriage.”

    And, a slew of other shit. The most terrifying part… the insane number of women that WORSHIPED THIS MAN back in the real blogging hay-day of 2006-2009 ish.

    He needs so much f**king help, and even then? Nope. I think he’d be better off crawling in a hole, never to come out.

    His post makes me sick. Literally sick to my f**king stomach.