Internets WTF

Avitable Says Farewell Cruel Internets

Adam Avitable, the true victim/hero in all of this you know, has announced he “never would have decided on my own to walk away from my audience” – but now he’s “done”.

Everyone’s favorite neanderthal begins by minimizing what a dick move he made with his last post.

…recently, in the pursuit of total transparency, I shed myself of every demon and skeleton in my closet, discussing a litany of past behaviors that ranged from disappointing to deplorable. To many, my need to write about the things I’ve done seemed self serving, although that was not my intention…

He then gets to the reason for his latest attention grab.

None of this is the point of this post. This is the point: I’m done…It’s time for me to create for myself, not for you.

Yes, he is done blogging for the world. But don’t worry – you can still subscribe to his newletter! I mean I can’t because I haven’t had a recent rabies shot, but you can take your chances if you like. He concludes by saying he “can finally step away for good, knowing I’m leaving little behind”. I guess the public humiliation of his victims doesn’t count as anything big to leave behind. But hey, congrats on peacing out to “assess the damage I have left in my wake and get the help I need”.

  1. The Quiff who Quaffs

    From the little I've seen of this guy, it's probably best he's just 'creating for himself'. Let's hope his work gets the recognition from the sewage system it deserves.

    Meanwhile, how lovely that he can make a choice not to engage with the mean interwebs. If only the victims of his sexual harassment had that option.

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  2. EmilyEyeLash

    Good. Dude, take your micro penis and GOMI.

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