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Babblewatch Continues, Bloggers Start Asking Questions


As marks its ninth day being offline bloggers finally seem to be asking some questions. One tweeted “Is Babble just dead? Being revamped? I am so confused” with another blogger responding that the situation is “really weird” and “the management was getting really secretive & dodgy”.

The exchange included this tantalizing tidbit:


This information was apparently obtained “in a closed FB group for bloggers”. Babble continues to claim it is merely a “server outage” via their twitter account, while the Babble facebook has not been updated since April 30th. Babble/Disney Interactive’s Catherine Connors has said only “I so, so wish that I could say more, but it’s not up to me. I am very sorry for that”.

With Mother’s Day on Sunday it’s baffling that such a huge mommy-centric site should continue to be offline with no real explanation or updates about the status of the alleged “outage”. I hope they have at least kept their contributors and staff in the loop with the truth.

Babblewatch continues.