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BabyRabies Demands Excellent Service

Jill, uncrowned royalty from the house of Entitled, just wants to take her screaming, easily bored small children to a restaurant. I know, ugh, person with kids, why don’t they just go to McDonalds? Don’t worry – to make the experience easier for everyone, she has provided a handy dandy list for the service staff to follow while she is there!

The list includes totally reasonable requests like “Take my kids’ order fast” because apparently her kids get bored quickly, as well as an order to “Acknowledge my children”. She also advises waiters to “ Clean our table as we go” so forks don’t end up on the floor, and to always serve her children’s drinks with a lid.

But before you think she’s just another entitled mommy who thinks she is owed special treatment by the world, she reminds you (a couple of times) that’s she’s a SUPER GOOD tipper. She also waited tables for a few years, so she knows how easy it is to drop everything and laser focus on the needs of the throat clearing, arm waving mommy. So no excuses, people! Because god forbid a mother be treated like any other customer!