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Back On Our Internets: Mama Bear

About a year after closing up her former blog, an old GOMIBLOG favorite returns – and there are some changes. For one, she now goes by “Mama Bear”, for obvious reasons:

Yes folks, Love Life Lace is  back, and omghappier than ever.

I have to say that this pregnancy has made me the happiest I can probably ever remember being. I’ve struggled a lot with anxiety, depression and PMDD and I was very worried about how the pregnancy would affect me emotionally so I am thrilled that I’ve been feeling great! In fact if it weren’t for the occasional aches and pains I would probably want to be pregnant always! In addition to that my skin has never looked better so I’m really soaking in all the positives of this pregnancy.

I’m sorry but I can’t snark on her today. She seems really happy and that’s a cute outfit (though I’m sick to death of chevrons). It looks like they did a good job fixing up that mountain cabin as well, though I have no idea where on earth they intend to stick another human being in that place.

So welcome back, Tatiana! You were missed around GOMIBLOG. Stay around a while this time, won’t you?