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Barefoot Blonde Is Super Stressed Out

Barefoot Blonde, still waiting for her “custom home” to be built, is posting “From The Heart” about “Managing Stress”. In a post filled with professionally photographed thigh gaps and hair plugs Amber hand wrings about the struggles of the upper class.

First to go is obviously homemade meals because I suck at cooking. And besides having the home clean and getting ready/gym, all are really important to me to get done every day…wait does waiting til the mac n cheese on the ground dries so its easier to sweep up count as cleaning your house for the day?

Her stressful to-do list includes things like “plan crafts for the kids, have the home clean, take the kids on adventures, run our two businesses, get ready, go to the gym”. Then a commenter pointed out that pretty much all working women have the same list and manage to get it done without nannies and housekeepers, and maybe instead of crying on the internet about her to-do list she should, ya know, go tackle that to-do list. Rather than just ignoring/deleting/blocking the comment and going on with her day Amber shot back with the classic blogger “make them feel bad about not licking your dumper deck” tactic.

Maybe I should go tell someone with depression, “sure I get sad, but I get over it.” It sounds like you have life figured out and never get stressed out! You and people like you are the reason women feel like they can’t be honest on social media.

Evidently Amber wasn’t happy about the direction the conversation was going because she seems to have temporarily removed the post, removed comments, edited the post, and then reposted it. Oh well, hopefully she can learn how to better manage her stressful life of travel, bikini wearing, custom home building, and botoxing! Stay strong and brave Amber!