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Barefoot Blonde Moves To Hawaii

Amber, moved to New York City for ‘exciting projects‘, has announced their ‘time in NYC is over’. They are ‘building a home in Arizona near family’ but since they are ‘doing a custom home we have a while til it’s done’. They have ‘decided to come to Hawaii for 6 or so months’ until Castle Numbskull is completed.

Apparently you don’t just show someone pinterest boards and start building the next week… We are on the island of Oahu and we had the most perfect first day here.

All their things are in storage and the ‘first thing’ Amber wanted to know was if ‘the storage unit was temperature controlled because I have boatloads of lipstick that I can’t have melting’. And before you ask, Amber wants you to know their dog is hanging out somewhere for a month because ‘Hawaii has strict dog rules which we unfortunately didn’t know about until later on in our planning process’ – she swears he’s joining them soon.

So I guess it’s going to be all bathing suit #ads all the time now?