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Belle Gibson Fined In Federal Court

Belle Gibson, the Australian woo peddler who claimed she cured cancer with nutritional therapy, has been fined $410,000 for her deceptive practices.

After being outed as a cancer liar over two years ago it was discovered she had kept nearly $300,000 she had claimed would be going to various charities. She was charged and found guilty of “a majority of charges” and with authorities seeking an injunction preventing her from “engaging in similar conduct”.

Belle has claimed her addiction to alternative facts was caused by her troubled childhood, because she “didn’t have any toys”.

  1. I put the Eh in Meh

    No toys. No cancer. What a rough life!

  2. #TeamClegg

    Bet she declared bankruptcy and gets out of paying any of it. She really is a despicable excuse for a person.