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Ben Will Rebrand After Sort Of Doing Life

Ben Davis, kind of did life and then did internet begging, is apparently in the midst of a rebrand. After completing that webfunded cross-continent instagram party, he proceeded to produce a book.

If you want to buy the book you can click the link in my profile or go to Every book will be signed by me, and hand delivered to the post office. Thanks so much for the patience these last couple weeks. It’s been a little stressful putting it all together and waiting on shipping.

What is it with bloggers and their shipping issues?

Anyway, in the interest of selling himself as ‘that fat guy who walked around’ he has now moved to a new tumblr.

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 9.51.03 AM

And if you want to be the new Ben who is doing life you can spend $2k and buy his old domain!

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 9.50.44 AM

At least one good thing might come out of this boring post nobody cares about.

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 AM

More book club, anyone?

  1. Sweetie Darling

    Book club - yay!

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  2. Sucks to your Assmar

    YEEESSSS Book club!!

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  3. This is baffling to me. Does he think that the fans who already followed him on the entire journey on Instagram are going to shell out for this book? I mean, what are they going to get out of this? "Oh yeah, remember when he walked in and out of St. Louis. That was . . . cool, I guess."

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  4. hole in the wall

    Looks like Ben gained all the weight back. #inspired

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  5. oh, you

    Is this the guy who's still fat? I honestly can't keep the fat grifters straight any more.

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  6. cheerful Starbucks cups

    PatyPants, your financial loss of $24 is our collective, emotional gain 😀
    (I would definitely not complain if you internet-panhandled to offset the cost of Book Club!)

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    • crispenclean

      I don't think we should hold our collective breath, since he mentions having to hand deliver the books to the post office. Which is hard, as we know. Gluten Free Gir! has mentioned many times how arduous the whole post office ordeal can be, plus complicated, and then there's the mysterious shipping thing. It involves, I don't know, putting a book in a box of some sort? Figuring out how to address it? Getting the address on the box? And then, oh dear sweet baby Jesus, the POSTAGE. The postage.

      It's just all too much to hope for. Maybe we'll get Book Club in the spring some time.
      Or not. But thank you, Ms. Pants, for your eternal optimism and your willingness to spring for this holy grail of a book.

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      • Shipping and Sympathy?

        Eh. I have some sympathy for the shipping woes. I've followed enough kickstarters for good, honest, decent human beings (mostly comics creators) who aren't grifting strangers, who get overwhelmed by the fulfillment aspect, especially for international orders.

        One blogged the whole process (with a tone of fascination, not whinging), following the shipping containers across the ocean and around the continent before they eventually arrived in the correct warehouse. And then all of the ridiculous things that happened with both domestic and international orders (some going to a country where they couldn't be delivered due to weird import laws, and they insisted HE pay for them to send them back, refusing to destroy or abandon them.) It was a really interesting read, and a neat look into how all this kind of stuff works!

        Anyway, the point is that these are are people who make comics (or a book, or flour, or whatever), not people who arrange manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping. It seems so simple until you start doing it, then things balloon and spiral out of control for ridiculous reasons. is an example of a company that specifically handles these processes for artists.

        Really, the sad thing is that these bloggers/grifters DID think it would be super simple and easy. If they'd done some research, they might have actually done things in a more professional way instead of thinking they could do it all themselves.

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  7. Mazel Tov Cocktail

    So we have a fat guy with a GFM who walked around then got re-fat, a fat guy who didn't ride a bike with a GFM and is still fat, a fat girl with a GFM who is getting WLS in Tijuana; still fat.


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    • tulips grow wherever the fuck you plant them dumbass

      I think he funded a good bit of his walkabout on his own but then solicited for donations via PayPal to complete his journey when funds ran low.

      Keep your eyes on the comments -- Ben likes to comment himself!

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      • Sucks to your Assmar

        He ran out of funds because before he was half way down with his trip he decided he wanted to sleep in motels instead of his tent. His self funding was set at something like $5 a day so of course he ran out of money.

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  8. GoodbyeHello

    He's made the front page and hasn't stopped by to comment like he does in the thread about him. He must be in a chilli-Cheeto induced coma in front of his X-box.

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  9. Rodents of Unusual Size

    YASS book club!

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  10. my bad him just rolled


    Feels like he's trying to troll all the ~~artisans~~ of Etsy/IG and their intense need to put "hand" in front of verbs "handrolled handwoven handbaked" to make them sound more fancy and desirable. I wish he was being ironic

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  11. Durly Durls

    Yesssss, I loved book club! 😀

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  12. Pluck Me Running

    I'm fat, and if you'll send me money you won't have to read a thing, and I promise not to blog. I'll just enjoy my turkey and gravy. Thanks.

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  13. Beach Stop Motion

    Yes PLEASE! More book club!!!

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