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Bleubird Will Make The ER An Instagram Moment

Bleubird, previously known as Bleubird Vintage before her rebrand, had a bad Saturday. It seems her one year old son needed five stitches on his head, and was rushed to the emergency room. According to her husband:

Little sailor took a nasty spill in the kitchen and needed 5 stitches on his forehead…Sailor was a champ and was flirting with every nurse there.

It appears from this picture that Mr. Bleubird had to hold the child down, and Miss James did what any mother would do – stood back and captured the moment for instagram.

Good lord, people.

Because obviously when your husband is pinning your screaming baby down while his head is sewn up, the first thing that crosses your mind is documenting the moment for your fangirls. Hooray for the internets!