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BlissDom Conference Is BlissDone

The six year old blogger conference known as BlissDom is peacing out of the annual slumber party business in order to “focus on new endeavors”:

What a wonderful ride it’s been for all of us! Way back in 2008 when we started BlissDom, we had no idea how thriving and successful it would become…It has been truly an amazing journey and we want you to know just how grateful we are that you are part of the BlissDom family. So because you’re family and all, we wanted to share the news that we will no longer be doing the BlissDom conference.

The organizers tell folks not to think of it as an end, but “as editing and making room for more wonderful things to come” and include some cringey video picture montage tribute thing set to a sad song. Meanwhile you can practically hear the soft strains of Green Day playing in the background as the 50 people who care about this are hugging and posting ‘remember whens’ over on facebook like it’s the goodbye session on the lawn after graduation.

So there goes that – one less ‘event’ for bloggers to ‘speak’ at and pad their ‘resume’ with. Now, who wants to do the over/under on how long BlogHer has left?