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“Blog Advice” Giveaway Will Let You Ask Nobodies How To Be A Successful Blogger

Erin of Two Thirds Hazel, has “throw on a tutu” in her “about me”, wants to do a giveaway like every other blogger on earth. But since she is a bold pioneering type, she decided to do a different kind of giveaway:

I rounded up a group of ladies who have been around the ballpark a time or two when it comes to blogging in order to put this one of a kind giveaway together. We all have some tips, tricks, advice, and guidance that we’d love to shole out in order to help you grow into the best blogger you can be. Whether this be through a Skype session, a back and forth email exchange, a blog critique, a Q&A session, a phone call, a personal jet to pick you up for a private meeting, etc – we’re covering all the bases.

And who are these super successful internet superstars? First on the list is Erin herself, because there’s no point in doing a giveaway if you can’t sneak in some self-promotion. Other ‘”big gun” bloggers’ include Raven (man and weight loss expert), and  Mama Laughlin (I guess she lost some weight and is famous now).

So…basically a bunch of bloggers maybe 20 people have heard of are going to let you win the privilege of their advice on how to make your blog a Big Deal On The Internet. Which honestly seems a little like asking Amanda Bynes for tips on how to be coherent on twitter. But hey, if it makes them feel important more power to them.