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Blog Giveaway Will Award You 6,000 Twitter Followers

When In Doubt Just Add Glitter, most annoying blog name ever, is doing a really odd blog giveaway.

How do you giveaway 6,000 followers???
Well I’ll tell you…
it’s a little secret businesses use to increase their online presence, gain credibility, and look more established.  They pay someone to help them get their business out there.

That’s right – your prize,  valued “at over $2,000”, will be 6k fake twitter followers. According to her, having a high twitter follower count means you “are considered to be more influential by your peers”. Because nothing says influence like winning a bunch of fake followers from some blog contest.

Seriously bloggers will just come up with anything these days just to have some kind of giveaway, won’t they? Why would anyone enter this thinking 6,000 fake twitter followers is some kind of awesome reward?