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Blogger Halloween Costumes Were Meh AF This Year

Blogland, that aspiration and inspiration filled place where creativity supposedly lives, failed to impress this Halloween.

Cupcakes and Cashmere went with this year’s controversial yet default costume, Moana.

Pink Peonies wants everyone to know she exercised in her costume instead of eating candy like the rest of us slobs.

Gal Meets Glam also chose a Disney character, with a costume so predictable (pretty girl becomes princess!) it’s barely worth mentioning.

What I Wore just recyled the Frida Kahlo costume that I feel like we see every year from her.

Kendi Everyday kept it simple because she gave birth like 10 minutes ago.

And Alina, The Hyperbalist, went full on ‘trying hard to be clever’.

Taza dressed her little content generators as spiders, which is underwhelming but at least their outing didn’t appear to be an #ad for once. So far Barefoot Blonde has only posted some pic of herself in front of pumpkins in NYC two years ago with a reminder that she used to hang out with Taza, in NYC, where she used to live.

Overall a pretty meh turnout considering these are supposed to be people who supply our #goals and #influence. At least none of them dressed as a Sexy Confederate Flag, which I honestly expected Jenna Cole to do in order to ‘start a conversation’.

  1. Candace Started the Fire

    Thank you for this, Alice! I’ve been having trouble going to sleep lately and looking at these costumes should do the trick.

  2. LifeHappens

    and don’t forget Kelle Hampton dressed as Fall

  3. Candace Started the Fire

    I think Cupcakes’ is the most obnoxious, because neither Gee nor Emily look anything like the characters they’re supposed to be. They’re like the unlicensed Dollar Store versions.

  4. Hot Mess Express

    You forgot Elsiecake and JerBer dressed as Spice Girls. Not enough drooling emojis in the world.

  5. pumpkin grudge

    I think there will be a few wtf costumes still to be posted. Amber Clark’s family went out as circus people, and she was sporting no pants on Instagram Stories (sexy ringmaster?). She hasn’t posted to the blog yet.

    And don’t forget Jenna/Living Absolutely with her rocket man and little rocket man couples costumes lol. Both wtf and underwhelming at the same time.

  6. The Wind in My Cornrows

    Oh FFS, Rach Parcell. I’m suuuuuure that makeup was great for working out.

    I’m not sure why so many Utahns are unable to grasp plural vs. possessive nouns, but misuse is rampant here.

  7. Resentment Rental

    I actually like the Elaine Benes!

    also…#unibrowfail for Frida

  8. late_to_the_party

    I thought oldjoy’s eleanor was super cute as an ice cream cone. Always love a kid who goes as something outside the norm. Everyone else was zzzzzzzzz