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Blogger Photoshopped For Catalogue, Complains

Maegan, will blog for bags, recently traded pictures of herself for a few handbags. When her images were used in the handbag catalog Maegan says they had been altered to the point of making her unrecognizable:

The deal was that they would send us each a few bags to photograph with an outfit or two…We had to send these bags back to them but were offered two new Fall styles to keep free of charge in a few months time {regardless of them using our photos or not, we kept the bags…)

Since I already had a great working relationship with Brahmin, and it was simply a few outfit posts, I agreed and signed a contract handing over full rights to use and/or alter my photos in any way. Dumb.

Yes, after signing a contract saying they could alter her images in any way they wanted and getting her free handbags, Maegan was confused when she saw her images and thought her “face looked a little strange”. When she emailed the company “expecting a simple apology” over what she claims they did to her nose, she instead received a response stating they had not altered her face at all. She then proceeded to email them again, even including the above image, seemingly all but demanding they acknowledge their evil deception. Instead, she got this:

“I have spoken to our photographer and post production person who worked on this project and he has explained the light filter change to warm up the shots to make them read Fall, not to slenderize anything. We actually asked him to do this so that we could use the shots. I would be more than happy to walk you through over the phone if you want to provide me a number to call you.”

At this point Maegan decided to take to her blog and complain, because if she “can’t stand up for myself when my face has been altered to fit some sort of societal standard and when my likeness and image, which are a part of my blog and brand have been changed drastically and compromised and then I’m lied to and told that it wasn’t retouched and that I don’t know what my own face looks like — then I am sending a message that I am okay with this kind of photo altering and I am indeed NOT OKAY WITH IT”.

This is all very Norma Rae of Maegan, and probably not very nice of Brahmin. But Maegan seems to forget that she signed a contract – she gave away her right to be outraged when she signed on the line in exchange for a couple of handbags. I mean hey, sorry, sucks for you, but maybe next time read what you’re signing and then think about how much your ‘brand’ is really worth to you.