Internets WTF

Bloggers Continue To Share About Their Vaginas

Jen, blogger lady at “Life With Levi”, follows the lead of That Wife by posting about her attempts to tighten up her feminine facilities. Evidently Jen decided kegal balls would help:

I put them in, and just to see if I could do it, got up and walked around the living room. They didn’t fall out. In fact, I could barely feel them.

I laid on the couch and tried doing some kegel exercises. At first, I could feel a little pressure from them, but then they shifted and I couldn’t feel them anymore. Maybe that’s just how they work? I settled in to watch a little TV.

Worried they might fall out when she went to use the restroom, Jen first elected to urinate all over her hand in order to catch them if they popped out. When they didn’t appear Jen started to worry:

Urinating apparently does not relax any of the muscles in my vagina enough to give back the stupid balls. Now I was getting mad, so I decided to go on a search and rescue mission. And totally freaked. Because I couldn’t feel them anywhere in there. Crap. I lost my marbles.

After hours of “jumping up and down to dislodge them” and “lots of awkward bendy positions later” the kegal balls emerged and a delightful tale about her vagina that will in no way mortify her children in the future made its way onto the internet.