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Bloggers React To Election About How You’d Expect

In case you hadn’t heard, America had an election Tuesday and despite bloggers’ instagram and snapchat campaigns, Trump made it to the Oval. Now most bloggers are coping the only way they know how – publicly.

Jordan Reid at Ramshackle Glam, known for her intellectual think pieces, can’t seem to get back on track.

As a writer, I have no idea how to return to my regular schedule of cute shoes and funny parenting stories, or how to sit down today and start moving through to a to-do list that includes such imperatives as “start compiling holiday gift guide,” and “post flat-lay to IG.”

She has apparently rallied with a new post about an “action plan” that is basically her informing us how super involved she is in her community and btw did you know she has battled anxiety for decades. She then suggests you go sign a petition “calling upon the Electoral College to fix this” and tells you to go donate to a bunch of things. Because if having a tantrum doesn’t work, throw money at the problem. That’s the rich American white girl way!

Jessica Quirk got straight to the point.

I can’t bring myself to say much today, I’m still in a state of shock, so I’m just going to post my outfit.

The instagram prairie mamas are either silent or pushing an agenda of quiet acceptance and hugs – the typical resigned-smile, everything-will-be-fine position that hetero suburban sahms of comfortable means can easily afford to embrace. Mama Watters doesn’t want to talk about politics, instead posting about a poem which is basically an excuse to inform you she doesn’t read her inspirational stuff from some kindle like you fast living monsters.

I have on my bedside table a few books of blessings, prayers, and poetry for times such as this. They are small and linen-bound, full of comfort and wisdom. The light-filled words inside them give me perspective in times of worry, growth, longing, exhaustion, new beginnings, thanksgiving and despair…

Jenna Cole, voting absolutely, posted some bizarre attempt to sound deep.

All things that die have the potential to feed new life. If we’ll just plant and tend to the seeds, they will grow. I’m thinking about those seeds a lot today. What will be my part in transforming this follow-feeling space into something beautiful in the days ahead?

I assume she meant “fallow” which would still be a questionable use of the word, but whatever. Very profound, much feminist.

And then there’s Cupcakes and Cashmere who (probably wisely) kept politics off her glitter and cake pop filled Home For Glossier Intern Program Rejects. She posted something about “Unexpected Holiday Glam” and then that Alina chick posted about “loving disco fever”.

So, happy post-election Friday! Welcome to the New (Same As Before Just With Different Rich White Men In Charge) America!

  1. confusing weiner

    “I have on my bedside table a few books of blessings, prayers, and poetry for times such as this. They are small and linen-bound”

    Thank you for making me lol in this dark time

  2. KitchenAid Mixer

    I white-girl-blogger can’t even

  3. hoosiermama

    “calling upon the Electoral College to fix this”?

    Did I miss something in HS? I don’t remember having employees that were capable of making independent decisions to change outcomes or allocate votes.

    • potatohead

      The electoral college can technically vote however the f**k they’d like – that’s the point of them. But they’ve never switched votes because to do so would be political suicide. (And although I desperately do not want a Trump presidency, I think asking the Electoral College to set aside their vote based on a petition sets a dangerous precedence.)

      • Sweetie Darling

        True story. I went back to school in 2006 and had to take a Government class. Our instructor was a once-rising star in our local political scene. He freely admitted that he had been an elector in an election, voted against the party, and was basically shunned for life. He’s okay with that because he voted for what he felt was the greater good.

      • Seaside Honey Fantasia

        Fun fact: the electoral college did do exactly this in 1824.

      • Zosew

        Okay, thank you. I didn’t want Trump for president either, but encouraging the electoral college to vote differently than their state is a disaster. The states who were longtime blue and went red, most likely did so because they felt like the government wasn’t addressing their decades long economic decline. So throwing away their choice just because California is more populous is kind of sh****.

  4. Ridin' dirty in the grocery store

    I just can’t with all the “look on the bright side” posts my fellow white-lady friends are flooding FB with right now. Saying “you are loved” isn’t enough to combat systemic injustice. Telling people that kindness begins at home doesn’t solve anything. People only caring about their immediate families is how racism and xenophobia happen.

    • Skinny Weiner

      I wish I could send more THIS your way.

      I’ll gladly settle for laughing at all the butthurt nopes, though. You sure brought a threatening lull to the positivity headpats. It shouldn’t be news that public, performative warm fuzzies, however #presh, are not going to solve systematic racism, sexism, and xenophobia. But you know, if your feelings hurt for even a second, better “nope” that shit because it MUST be wrong and your post probably saved lives.

  5. rockinsushiokaaay

    I’m LOLing over here just because I love your sarcasm so much.

  6. Billsburg

    Still too shocked and depressed to even comment on irony of Jenma Cob’s more dumbass than usual nitwittedl statement.

    • GobsmackedCelt

      Am thinking that Jenna Cole meant “hollow-feeling space”, if not fallow… but not to worry, she’ll soon fill that hollow space up with a happy-making, dense cloud of pot smoke.

  7. Not Sponsored by Target

    My neighbor (also a blogger, albeit very small time) posted that as women we have the duty to rise up and defeat injustice by supporting women businesses. With pictures of her eating a popular restaurant owned by a female chef where the food is $100/plate.

    She affiliate linked the shit out of that post.

    Then she posted her kids’ outfits…from Crewcuts…for some more affiliate linking. As you may know, when one thinks of small, female owned businesses J. Crew is the first thing that comes to mind.

    It was very, very classy and not at all ridiculous.

  8. Heather Chandler

    Did anyone see a blogger response that wasn’t full of f**kery? I’d like some of those.

    • Evil Willow

      I like what Cely at Running Off the Reeses posted yesterday.

      • Anonymouskittyboomlick

        I thought Emily Henderson did a pretty good post- she asked her readers why they voted for Trump and then did a follow up on how she was trying to understand the other side of it.

  9. trisket

    Natalie Jean is taking the opportunity on twitter to throw shade at her in-laws who voted “T” and follows up saying luckily they’re not on fb or twitter….because yeah, no one will tell them you’re venting frustration about them?

  10. Zosew

    I have to side eye my very blue state neighbors who are posting like crazy about how they’re wearing safety pins to support “you.” Riiiiiiight, so someone who is from a vulnerable population is supposed to expect real support from a group of Lefties who were so greedy that they couldn’t even vote through rent control. “Hey! I’m here for you as long as it doesn’t cost dollars and I get social media head pats! But like, you can’t live here, because I need more dollars.”

  11. allegedly

    Inspirational yet meaningless comment. ❤️

  12. hitanerve

    Let’s not forget Design Mom who deleted posts that disagreed with her opinion. Way to show only one side Gabby! She even kept getting commenters who were asking, “I’d really like to know why…” Well, they’ll never get their answers since the ones who addressed the questions and provided links were deleted.