Bloggers Voted And You Need To Know About It

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for: the first Vaginal American presidential nominee who might have a shot at winning. And bloggers couldn’t wait to show their support, because social media.

Jessica Quirk continues to beat that “future is female” tee into the ground while reminding us she is pregnant.


Emily over at Cupcakes and Cashmere put up a post bursting with personal vitality and interest. Or she posted this.


Run Eat Repeat‘s Monica never misses a chance to mention her Latina heritage, choosing to make a joke out of an historic election.


And Erin decided now was the time to admit she only cares about really “big” elections.


Other bloggers were underwhelming; We Wore What‘s Danielle regrammed a shapely behind and hashtagged #vote, while the Taza crew presumably did a mail-in ballot so they could vote at home as a family (edit: instagram stories has a post of a “vote here” sign, but no real confirmation that she actually voted, maybe she’s votesmugging on snapchat). Amberlamps over at Barefoot  Blonde hasn’t smugged her I Voted sticker either (edit: apparently she’s confining her votesmugging to snapchat), and Pink Peonies did a sponsored post, so let’s assume the best and hope they also did a mail-in. And some fat catlady in Brooklyn is being pretty vague about who she voted for.

Now it’s time to sit back, chug Franzia, and refresh the Politics Forum as results roll in. America!

  1. I like to watch Dr Phil drunk

    People that confess to never voting before are actually heinous. Like why would you tell anyone that? It’s embarrassing, not something to be proud of at all.


  2. Slaggy Whores Are Pretty Smart

    Yeah, I don’t get not voting, either, but at least she was good enough to correct her mistake and do her civic duty. Good for you, crazy-eyed random design blogger.

  3. rockinsushiokaaay

    OK, I can’t help myself. How tightly pulled back is Erin’s hair for her eyes and teeth to be popping out of her head like that? Or is she naturally blessed with bug eyes and a wicked overbite?

    I’m glad she and her man voted, but I find it despicable that she has never exercised this right before. Further proof that she’s a huge a$$hole.

  4. SnarkyCat

    I felt like most people voted only so they can post about it on social media

    • cheesecakeisaverygoodlie

      Makes sense. Social media in general seems designed not only to make you vote, but to show off your “voted” status and justify your voting choices.

  5. drhoctor2

    Why must you scare me with crazy eyed bloggers, Alice. Haven’t I suffered enough. (yes. I have)