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BlogHer ’14 Apparently A Huge Womp Womp

Another BlogHer conference has ended, and from behind all the hype and hooplah some very interesting stories emerged. Some highlights:

A GOMIBLOG commenter shared the perspective of a friend who kept her updated:

She had 9 different strangers introduce themselves and then immediately ask if they could ‘crash’ in her room. And a breastfeeding mom who asked her for her room key to BF in her room during the day – a woman she had never met before, asked her for her room key, the room in which sits her passport, cash, traveler’s checks, laptop, and jewelry. She said no, told her the hotel has rooms on the public area floors for that. There was a big flounce…A woman was going around chastising attendees for taking pics of the empty spaces/chairs, and begging them not to post them. there is a lot of pressure to pretend all is going well and that there are huge numbers of attendees. They are also harassing bloggers not to ‘go negative’ on twitter.

Another commenter was there on the scene, and posted these hilarious/sad insights:

By yesterday afternoon the conference was a ghost town. Sponsors were running around begging people to take their free swag (CRAP) because they all had anticipated more people…The keynotes were half empty. Literally empty tables everywhere…

Other comments included “it was so anti-social”,  “If you went by yourself you had no chance”, and the succinct “Not good”. One blogger’s recap says “the parties that did happen this year were kinda lame”, though commenters on GOMIBLOG made the conference sound like an ode to Caligula with loud drunk women “just throwing themselves at random guys” even in the hotel lobby.

And ole CecilyK didn’t disappoint in the drama department, penning an on-the-scene pity party post, the main theme of which seems to be “nobody would even care if I quit blogging”. The drama continued even after the closing clusterparty as she spent most of Sunday complaining about the most horrible travel experience anyone has ever had. Her flight out of Detroit was cancelled, apparently because of FAA regulations, sending her and her husband into social media convulsions.

I can’t imagine the point in continuing these blog conferences. With clearly dwindling participation and all but useless “sessions” there seems little justification for this event beyond a huge ‘mom’s week off’ drunk-cation. Seems like these ladies’ money would be better spent just planning getaways with their blogger bffs.