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Caroline McCarthy Leaves Quartz Surrounded By Gossip

It’s been a long, long while since GOMIBLOG mentioned Caroline McCarthy, OMG BEARS, internet fixture, blogger, and writer person. Since that time she has joined and left Google, and then joined Quartz, “a new kind of global business news outlet” (translation: yet another blog talking about tech and business because the internet doesn’t have enough of those).

Now, amid rumors in the NYC media underground of what one source called “an office outburst”, Caro has announced her departure from the company:

As of last week, I’m no longer there. The reason: After a lot of conversations with our leadership, the consensus among all of us was that it didn’t make sense for Quartz yet to have someone in the role I was hired for.

Though she went on to say “I think it speaks very highly of them that they understand when and why something isn’t working” another source claims the real problem is “jackassery at the executive level”, primarily consisting of management being “way too full of themselves” in “many areas”. Why anyone would be surprised by that from executive leadership at a startup tech website is beyond me.

Caroline McCarthy declined when asked to comment on this story.