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Jessica Quirk Would Like You To Buy Her Clothes

Jessica Quirk of What I Wore is making it possible for you to wear what she wore – for a price.

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We Wore What Will Instagram Your Hospice

Danielle Bernstein, sensitive, is apparently spending the final moments with a family member updating her instagram.

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What I Wore Is “Over It”

Jessica Quirk, mid-century farmwife, recently announced she’s been “lacking the motivation” to really do anything with her blog. Today she’s apparently “over it”.

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Jessica Quirk Has Bought A ‘Farmhouse’

What I Wore, she lived in Brooklyn once, has decided even Bloomtucky Indiana is too ‘city’ for the likes of her.

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What I Wore No Longer Really Cares About What She Wears

Jessica Quirk, ‘queen’ and ‘mommy’, has spent the past decade trying to make herself happen in an industry that is all about appearances. Well now she’s decided she doesn’t care about any of that.

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Cupcakes And Cashmere Thinks Your Loss Was Badly Timed

In the wake of recent office and sponsorship drama, Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere wants to explain how her life is more anxiety-inducing than yours.

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Pink Peonies Might Tagtuck

Rach Parcell, classy and important like a dude, sported an unusual accessory in yesterday’s outfit post.

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