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Already Pretty Will Not Let The Sweater Go

Sally McGraw, changing her blog name to already smelly, must really be hurting for shopping money. She’s attempting to save a sweater that stinks so badly even professional cleaners can’t eliminate the stench:

The sweater is a thrift fave, too, but it is on its last few wearings, I fear. I’ve mended several holes already and it is threatening to disintegrate any moment. Also, it seems that no dry cleaner or bottle of Febreze can eradicate its stink. I really do have to try that vodka remedy you’ve all recommended … especially if it can save this sweater from the rag pile.

For a woman who spends as much money as Sally does with her nonstop shopping, you’d think maybe she could let go of a grey cowl neck sweater that smells that bad. It’s not like it’s a vintage Givenchy dress that belonged to Hepburn or something. It’s a grey sweater. I’m pretty sure for maybe 30 bucks she could hop on GAP’s website and replace it if it’s such an essential item in her wardrobe.

I get trying to save money and all but there are limits, people. And just because you got it at a thrift store does not make it a one of a kind piece that must be preserved at all costs. Sometimes it’s ok to donate or toss something when it’s reached the end of its usability. This just makes me wonder how long she tries to use bath towels and underwear.


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Rich Tong Finally Cleans Out His Desk At Tumblr

Rich Tong, one of the many unnecessary employees of tumblr, has finally formally confirmed GOMIBLOG’s blind item: he is leaving tumblr.

After a year of serving as Tumblr’s Fashion Director, I am excited to announce that I’ll be leaving to pursue other independent opportunities.

The fashion community on Tumblr has grown tremendously in just a year, starting with only a handful of industry leaders and quickly expanding to over 200 of the world’s most creative fashion publications, designers, brands, photographers, models and stylists.  Their presence has given way to the most incredible opportunities for this community’s young, emerging talent, and I am ever so thankful for having had the opportunity to work with each and every one of them.

It’s been an extraordinary learning experience working with such a world-class team at Tumblr, and I look forward to all of the amazing developments they have planned for the coming years.

He doesn’t state what these “independent opportunities” are, but since he has barely shown up at the tumblr offices for the last month we assume he’s been busy kissing Nina Garcia’s cheeks hoping for a job at Elle or something.

The main lol in this goodbye post is Rich’s implication that he had any major role in creating good relationships within the fashion industry. He is now famous for pissing off many people by selectively sucking only the teats he deems worthy of his attention. His notorious tumblr Fashion Week stunts have been almost universally panned as publicity fiascos of the lamest order. His blatant pimping and promoting of fashion/style tumblr users who are his personal friends is also no secret.

Tong’s departure is no loss for tumblr or for the fashion community. Perhaps now he will slink back to a web development job where he belongs, and stop trying to be the arbiter of internet fashion. The bigger question is, how will he be able to snag another model girlfriend without the impressive “I can make you famous on tumblr” pick up line?


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Jessica Quirk Closes Down Comments Again

Jessica Quirk, the brain trust behind that What I Wore blog, has yet again shut down her comments. She has turned them off at least once in the past, instituting a “Code of Comments” (basically you’re only allowed to say nice things from now on thanks!) when she turned them back on. Now Messica has once again decided your comments aren’t worth the trouble to moderate:

Yes, Messica and her intern are just too busy with the super successful full time blog to sit around moderating your mean comments. From now on you should contact her through twitter or facebook!  When informed that it’s inconvenient to come to facebook to comment on an outfit, Messica replied “I prefer to put a face to a name with the comments and connect more one on one!” Translation: take that anonymous meanies! Let’s see you comment now, bidges!

Whatever. Frankly I think she’s better off not allowing comments, since it’s not like they added anything to her blog. There wasn’t any actual discussion or interesting interaction, just a series of fawning gurgles from her fangirls and people commenting just so they could include a link back to their own blog.

And to repeat the only thing I have left to say about Messica at this point: why doesn’t she just fold What I Wore into her stupid That’s Quirky! site already and just go full lifestyle blogger, instead of clinging (halfheartedly) to this “fashion blogger” crap? I really don’t understand why she’s dragging this out.


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Modcloth Would Like You Ladies To Highlight Your Best Feature

Modcloth is well known for its wonderful product descriptions. It seems they’re still producing creative copy; the product page for the No Bones About It tights features not only nearly visible genitalia, but comes with this almost sarcastic text:

You don’t need X-ray goggles to appreciate the quirky style statement made by these skeleton tights – slip them on alongside bright clothes and accessories, and let your inner fashionista show!

Yes ladies, slip into these tights, throw on some accessories, and let your cradle of life air out in style! Nothing like a little beaver fever to warm up the coming cold weather parties. Pair with a “SUDDENLY, VAGINA” tee and wait for Bill Cunningham to immortalize your bold sartorial choice!


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Victims Of Grooming Woes Share Horrific Tales Of Hair Drama

Life can be like, way harsh Tai. From imperfect lattes to summoning the strength to shop, the suffering of upper middle class white women never ceases. But thanks to the internet, they can now enjoy the support of a worldwide  “OMG I KNOW RIGHT?” chorus to ease them through their pain. This week a few of these poor souls have bravely come forward with the most painful of (I don’t have any real) problems: their hair.

Julie of Peanut Butter Fingers can’t figure out how to dry her hair:

While Jenna of Eat Live Run battled the tragedy of a trim:

Casey Culture also cried into her personal pan Thanksgiving Pizza about the emotional strain of hair trims:

I know you’re supposed to get regular haircut/trims with long hair, but I subscribe to the philosophy that these frequent trims tend to stop the growth process and cut hair shorter and shorter.  Or at least most haircut experiences have led me to this belief and I leave salons whimpering like an abused puppy.

Luckily Casey found the John Sahag Workshop which “costs a pretty penny, but if my results are any indication, it is worth it” and managed to exit the salon without waterworks.

Let’s all gather together to support these strong women in overcoming their battles!


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Jessica Quirk Joins The “Bloggers With Interns” Crowd

Jessica Quirk, full time blogger, has joined the ranks of Julia Allison and Gala Darling by finding herself an intern. The oh-so-busy Messica introduced her new lackey today by letting her do a guest post:

With Thanksgiving break just around the corner, I’ve invited my intern Sheri to write a guest post on what she’ll be wearing home for the holidays.

Her intern, Sheri, comes on the scene after apparently working for Messica for the past month. Evidently she’s a journo student at Indiana University and hails from Edina, Minnesota, so you know she’s truly tapped in to the pulse of fashion writing.

Is Messica REALLY so overworked that she requires an intern? This is a woman whose workday consists of putting on clothes, posting pictures of herself in clothes, and supposedly 5 hours of email. Are these activities so time consuming and tiring that she requires additional help?

What is the deal with bloggers needing interns anyway? If they just need someone to come in and offer additional content why not just say “My blog is getting stale and I’m bringing in new blood to help mix things up”? Or if your boyfriend/husband is tired of taking your pics why not just say “My boyfriend/husband is tired of taking my pics so I’ve found someone new to hold the camera while I pose”? Why call them an “intern” and imply that your blog is such a burden that you require a servant to help with your tasks? The whole “blogger intern” trend smacks of self-importance and laziness.


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Style Expert Already Pretty Thinks You Should Stop Dressing For Depression

Sally McGraw, personal stylist at Already Pretty, claims “As stylists and style experts go, I consider myself to be pretty open-minded.” In the spirit of open-minded style expert-ing, Sally has posted a lovely set of rules about what you can wear and when.

In the midst of such helpful hints as don’t wear casual clothes to formal events, Sally took an opportunity to chastise those people suffering from depression for not making more of an effort:

The argument that I see most often defending PJs as street clothing is that people who are ill or depressed or both often can’t do much more than head to Walgreens in their bedroom clothes, then head home. In all honesty, I believe that hauling on a pair of jeans, yoga pants, or clean sweats instead of kitty-printed pink PJ pants and bunny slippers is something that the majority of folks can manage.

Commenters Katie and Carbon Girl agree that if you’re depressed you should just spruce yourself up and shake it off. Because when you suffer from clinical depression so crippling that it’s a monumental effort just to go to Walgreen’s for tampons, the least you can do is put on jeans and lipgloss so we don’t have to look at you.

Sally’s remarks and the “yes! yes!” responses of her commenters make me wonder if these people know the difference between being bummed about being dumped by a man, and a real mental health condition. If depression were curable with the minimal effort of putting on clean yoga pants don’t you think the psychiatric community would have seized on that by now?

Maybe I’m just being too nitpicky here about using the word “depression” to describe any feeling or mood that isn’t happiness, but in my opinion saying things that imply ‘oh I get that people with depression don’t bother getting out of pj’s but maybe they should’ minimizes the very real suffering and despair of people living with actual depression. Words: they mean things, people.