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Already Pretty Needs You To Click Ads

Sally McGraw of is joining the 99203984 other women who can dress themselves and quitting her job to be a full time blogger. To that end, she is putting ads on her site and she needs you to know a few things:

Once self-employed, I will rely on affiliate income and traffic-driven advertising income from this blog as my primary salary, at least initially. With that in mind, I’ll be adding an additional BlogHer ad above my own header. As someone who considers a relatively clean layout to be an important component of positive reader experience, I have hesitated to make this change.  But to be frank, I will need the income that the extra ad will provide.

Considering the amount of pushback I’ve already received on truncating my posts in RSS, I will keep them full. HOWEVER, please bear in mind two things:

  1. Your click-throughs support my livelihood. I appreciate every one of you who reads from every possible device and using any available means. But when you click through, you are supporting me directly. Please consider visiting the site when you read my blog.
  2. Blog reader tools omit comments, and the comments sections of my posts are frequently richer, livelier, and more compelling than the posts themselves. I hope you’ll take the opportunity to observe and participate in our conversations once you’re here. They are, truly, conversations worth joining.

I don’t want to kill a dream here, but I have to let Sally know something: even hinting that you are manipulating your clicks or blog hit stats by asking readers to do something will usually not end well. She’s already wading into an overcrowded blog pool here. I just think it might be asking for trouble to even give the impression you are asking people to click ads or get your hits up by clicking through to your blog.


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Tatiana Draws Strength From Her Handbag

Tatiana of Love Lies Lace plows forward with her “Weekly Gratitude”. This week Tati expresses thanks for her new Kate Spade purse (which she claims she needed due to back problems):

So I’m gonna be honest… this week sucked. I really tried but something would inevitably happen to just suck the happy out. Nevertheless I can’t deny that there were some silver linings in ever day. Like the fact that I noticed something fantastic about my new purse almost a week after owning it! It feels even better to carry it around with me now! We all need an extra dose of courage sometimes for those weeks that come at you like a wild lion!

This week she posted a movie review, a recipe for chopped up vegetables, an orange skirt outfit, and this weekly gratitude crap. How about a post about WHY your week was so rough? What came at you like a “lion”? Did a bow fall off your shoe? Because honestly if this is the worst thing that happened to you this week:

Thank you to Kevin for taking such great care of my whiney self. You see I haven’t mentioned it but I had a very unfortunate incident with a can of Heinz baked beans last weekend. It inflicted pain and some damage and Kevin was the perfect nurse.

You don’t need courage, you need some perspective.


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Jessica Schroeder Quirk Leaving The Hated Park Slope

Happy Friday catlosers! How about another Messica post to ring in your lunch hour?

The news we have been predicting since her wedding finally got announced yesterday. Jessica Schroeder Quirk, she’s huge in Brooklyn, is moving to Bloomington Indiana after successfully concluding her years long husband search:

After five and a half awesome years in New York City, my husband and I are packing up our two bedroom apartment and moving to Bloomington, Indiana!  Adam has accepted an amazing position at Sproutbox and I’ll continue to work on What I Wore and the book.  Like any romance, I’ve had my ups and downs with NYC, and I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t miss it. However, we can’t wait to be closer to our families, to buy our first house, get some fresh air (and believe me I can’t wait for real thrift store prices, antique shops, tail gating, IU basketball, and on and on and on).

I’ll be back in NYC each month for meetings and seeing old friends and in the spring we’ll be back to rent a small studio as our pied a terre. Gone for now, but not gone forever!

And the really crazy part – we’re leaving in four days… Wish me luck!

Since her OMG ENGAGEMENT she has seemingly put less and less work into her style blogging “career”, and many of us have formed the opinion that she pretty much always planned to get that book deal, get married, and move back to Indy and have babies.

She had a decent enough peak of fame for a couple of years, but Messica has previously expressed her distaste for city life and her inability to deal with not nice people. Is anyone surprised New York’s not for her?


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Dear Park Slope, Jessica Schroeder Quirk Hates You

PICTURE OF NOT LOVEPUPPY HERE (sorry I don’t care enough to google another one)

The girl formerly known as “Midwest Jess”, and then as What I Wore’s Jessica Schroeder, wannabe model/fashion designer/fatty hater Jessica Quirk, lives in the Park Slope area of Brooklyn. Surrounded by squalor in her depressed ghetto neighborhood in the middle of crack houses and an underground baby selling ring, poor Jess has to endure endless assaults to her delicate midwest senses. Take this entry for example:

I hate Park Slope

I just got home from brunch to see the front tire was stolen off my bike, cutting the breaks in the process.

I hate Park Slope. It’s not just that my tire was yanked, but it’s that I live near a women’s shelter full of obnoxious, loud, obese women who spend all of their EBT cards on chocolate bars and candy. I’ve gone down for my daily coffee many a morning and seen women buying 6 40s, ice cream and bread.  I don’t give a shit what people eat, but those EBT cards? That’s a modern way to say food stamps. And those food stamps come from tax dollars, so WHY THE HELL are you buying junk food?

I also live by a bus stop. This is where a lot of the assinine bull shit takes place. A month ago, a man and a women were screaming at each other and cursing (F-word). Adam opened the window and said “This is a family neighborhood, could you take it somewhere else?” The response? “WE”RE WAITING FOR THE F&*^ing BUS! YOU GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!” Really? REALLY? You want me to go somewhere other than my living room while you shout and call each other Effing liars?

New York is grinding me down to a fine dust. It might not be too blow before the blow the hell out of here.

Yeah assholes! This is a family neighborhood! Take your unseemly white trash behavior somewhere else! Jessica didn’t move all the way from Indiana to the Big City, take up the Secret, get a tumblr and successfully snag the husband she was searching for just so you fat welfare trash could offend her by buying beer and yelling at the bus stop.

Don’t you know who she is? She is the What I Wore girl! She is friends with David Karp! RESPECT!

EDIT: Jessica just updated her tumblr post with the following:

*Re: Fact checking. No, I don’t believe EBT cards will purchase alcohol. I’m just trying to paint a picture of the kind of purchases I see made in my local bodega.

WHEW. Here I thought we were talking about how the post in its overall tone was classist and b****y, I had no idea we were all in a tizzy about that one fact. Carry on then!

EDIT EDIT: And now she has removed all the offensive text, and replaced it with this:

Apologies to anyone who was upset or offended about the previous post in this spot. I’m upset at myself for posting it too.

So…does this mean I can buy some Steel Reserve and twinkies at the store with my ebt tomorrow? Cuz that’s how us poor fatties start our day in Brooklyn.


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Love Puppy Demands That You Love Her

Today I was instructed by my loving and adoring fans who are all jealous of me to check out yet another Park Slope Princess. Pigeon toed Love Puppy up there has some blog where she takes pictures of herself in shit she bought at goodwill and tells us how awse she is, and demands that you agree or gtfo.

I’ve seen the blog and I find it boring as all hell, frankly. I could give a liquid shit what Jessica is wearing. I don’t even care what *I* wear. I also find her whole “I am SO f**kING FASHION” attitude kind of offputting and just not my thing. So I’ve pretty much just ignored her.

Of course that’s not why I don’t care about her blog. Apparently the reason I don’t like Pigeon Toes’ blog is because I am…OMG GUESS! Guess, guys! You’ll never guess!

And I’ve come to this. Nasty comments stem from jealousy issues 99% of the time, especially on personal style/lifestyle websites and blogs. Its jealous of being in the second row at fashion week instead of the first, jealous of someone else’s budget, looks or popularity. Jealous of someone else’s skills or creativity.

Because if you’re not jealous of those things, why are you being so nasty? Also, why are you being anonymous?! If you have the bollocks to say shhh, why can’t you stand up behind it? (Trolls!)

That’s right, the final, defensive excuse for any negative reaction to your blog? Them b****es is jealous! If you are not ego fellating self-absorbed Brooklyn hipster blogstars, you are jealous. You are a jealous hater and you just want to be so so fabulous like the Brooklyn hipster blogstars. Just admit it!